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The Band of Merry Men: The Band of Merry Men: Assorted Nonsense From the Mind of Emperor BumpaDump

by Formerly Known as Sticks

Formerly Known as Sticks Some insane OCs. Weirdness abound!
1. Emperor BumpaDump: The Emperor of the twin cities, Friggleston and Fraggleston. Fraggleston is constantly being lost, hence his catchphrase, "Where is Fraggleston?!" He is quite proud of his title, and speaks in an extremely fancy variant of a British accent, which he calls a "Friggle Fraggle Accent. He wears very regal garb, and a weird t-shirt that has a giant smiling skull on it. BumpaDump's favorite song is "Spooky Scary Skeletons."
2. Professor Sticks: Professor Sticks is a professor at Royal Friggle Fraggle University. His catchphrase is "Oh dear lord..." Professor Sticks often hankers for a hunk of cheese after her shift. His favorite number is 7. Professor Sticks was raised in the wild of Friggleston, knowing much of the forest, known as Foghorn Forest. He wears a lab coat, goggles, with some leaves and sticks in his hair.
3. Professor Loon: Professor Loon is also a professor at Royal Friggle Fraggle University, albeit more insane. There is a particular analysis of the professor that fits well. "The line between genius and madness. Professor Loon uses that line as a jumping rope." He is also a leader in the Cult of Cthulhu. The good professor's catchphrase is "Would you like to donate to our great lord Cthulhu's resurrection today?" He then proceeds to hold out a box, and when the person in question puts money into the box, they are sucked into said box. Professor Loon wears a lab coat stitched together with many different fabrics, some glasses with swirls painted onto them. He also wears a large metal medallion of Cthulhu.
4. The Bottle Cap Bomber: Emperor BumpaDump's nemesis, and is constantly putting bottle caps in his seat. He loves laughing maniacally when his bottle caps confound and irritate the crap out of people. There have been various articles about this cruel fiend several times in Friggleston and Fraggleston, including, but not limited to, "Bottle Cap Found in Emperor's Throne, Bottle Cap Bomber Suspected, Bottle Cap Bomber Suspected," "Bottle Cap Bomber Strikes Again," and "Bottle Cap Bomber Declared an Enemy of the State." The Bottle Cap Bomber wears armor made of bottle caps, a mask, and a plastic cape.
4. The S.S. Dead Man's Float: The Band of Merry Men's flying pirate ship, obtained through ill-gotten means. It has a massive cannon on the deck, which fires a cannon ball known as "The Kraken." It is shaped like a gigantic squid, and is highly explosive.