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The Back Story Behind Ravens Espeon Chapter 1 and 2

by Candy Espeon

Candy Espeon This story is based of a story by MissPinkRebelle.
Chapter 1
A little eevee was running through the forest playing tag with her sister, Leaf. Together the two eevees ran through the forest climbing through trees and bushes to get to their house. When they arrived their mother and father where waiting for them in a clearing. Leaf and Petal ran up to them as their father began to speak. "We have a surprise, follow us to find out!" The family ran through the forest until they stopped at a large oak tree that's branches where woven together to create the perfect home with lots of room. Inside the tree there where berries growing from branches and feather, moss, and leaf beds. "Wow, it's amazing!" Leaf murmured. Petal observed every detail of her new home. There was a small window and multiple different levels of little platforms for different things. The tree was even surrounded by water. After exploring Petal found her favorite place to be a smaller platform that was a little bit above the ground witch had a large window that let lots of sunlight through. The outside was hidden by branches and vines. The inside ceiling was covered in Petals favorite berries of all time, pecha berries. "Kids" their mother called. "Find your favorite room and pick that room to be yours, then you can move your bed into it. Petal, Father, and Mother gathered their beds and dragged them to their rooms. Leaf took hers and searched for a room she liked. When every pokemon was settled in they fell asleep. To them it had a long day of moving, as for Petal and Leaf, games and exploring.

Chapter 2
Petal woke up to the sound of distant pidgeys chirping to each other, she grabbed one of her delicious pecha berries as she hurried down to the main level of their house. Leaf and her mother, Fauna, where already down there biting into their waiting for Berry, their father. "Good morning my sweet flower!" Fauna said as Petal sat down next to Leaf. The eevee family (Except for their parents who are leafeons) was seated around a small pile of pebbles that their father had gathered the night before. Somebody, probably Fauna, had brought up half of some chesto berries that where carved out and were filled with water, witch where placed on the pile of rocks. When father came down to join them almost every body had finished their meal. "I see I slept in to much?" Father said. "Yes berry." Fauna replied calmly. "Why don't you kids go exploring." "Yes mother, come on Petal, let me show you my room!" Leaf exclaimed excitedly. "Okay" Petal said and the two eevees hurried after each other. When Petal arrived in Leafs room witch took a while considering Leafs room was at the top of the tree. Petal was huffing and puffing so she sat down on the edge of the room. Then she realized how different her sisters room was from hers. The room had no windows, and wasn't very hidden but was shrouded by some mist that had accumulated over the night because of a small puddle on the floor, that would, according to her sister would disappear by morning. The puddle was there because of a small hole in the roof. Her sisters room was filled with oran berries. "Hey do you want to play hide and go seek, I'm kinda board." Leaf said out of the blue. "Sure, your seeker first!" Petal responded. "But I'm always seeker first." But Petal had already left the platform.
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  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    So guys, basically Bella's friend Raven received an espeon in a recent chapter, but how did her grandad get this espeon? Raven and I worked this out at school.
    Jan 30, 2016