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The Assistant~ Future! Trunks x Assistant! Reader- lime

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim
It had been maybe a month, or so, after the battle of Cell. And, this time, Trunks, from the future, of course, decided to stay here and live out his life with his father. Easy enough. He had already gone to the future, told him mom her loved her and came back to the past. The current timeline Bulma Briefs had given Trunks a room and a job at Capsule Corps.

He enjoyed his life here. No androids. No Cell. No poverty. No chaos. No dead Gohan. No dead father. No hiding. No hunting for food. No worrying about where you were. No worrying about dying if you were seen. It was perfect, compared to his life in the future.

He was a manager of one of the floor's in Capsule Corps, as he couldn't not take the CEO position. Apparently, that was left to his current timeline self, who was only an infant. But, he supported his mother's decision.

While he worked here, he had hired an assistant. She gave off a vibe, an all too familiar one. One of home. One of Planet Vegeta. Seeing her friendly smile everyday put a smile on his face.

"(Name)." He called for her, his hand on a button on his office phone. In a matter of seconds, she was inside.

"You called, sir?" The dark haired woman called. She looked at him, her dark eyes wondered why he would call her in here. She had already finished all her work hadn't she? And, yes, Trunks' vibe was right.

She was one of the other Saiyans that just so happened to survive the attack. Which in my opinion is rather overrated. I mean, they say only one Saiyan survived! And, then you have... Raditz, Turles, Tarble, Vegeta, Nappa, Broly, and Paragus. Doesn't look like one to me, more like 8 survived, not including you, my wonderful Reader-chan.

Anyway, time for me to stop my pointless rant and get onto the story.

"Ah yes." Trunks hummed, his long hair was tied back in a ponytail. The purple locks sitting on his shoulder nicely. He looked at the female, his eyes trailing her body. From her face to her chest, her waist and ass. A tiny smirk taking away his nice look.

"Sir?" (Name) questioned, feeling his gaze. It made her blush. She didn't take him for a pervert. Not usually. He seemed like a nice man all round, in all honesty.

"(Name). C'mere." He said, calling her over. He stood up, wanting her to come to him. "I think I got something on my suit, can you fix it?" He asked her, and she complied, nodding her head lightly and walking over to him. Her hands placed themselves on his shoulders, she looking over anything.

"I don't see anything on your suit, Mr Briefs." She told him softly, her hands straightening out his shoulder area and collar, along with his tie. "You look fine."

"Ah. I see." He murmured, placing his hand on the small of her back. He liked seeing how she flustered up. He leaned closer to her, his nose nuzzling her neck a bit. The scent of lavender hit his nose, he smelling her perfume.

"Sir?" She said, gasping as he nibbled at the flesh of her neck. Small squeaks left her lips, almost like moans. The normally (s/t) cheeks flushed a deep red and she stood in his grasp. It's not like she could argue with such and act. She liked it honestly.

"Stop calling me 'Sir', you make me seem old. Call me 'Trunks'." Came the purple haired man's comment. He kissed at her neck, leaving a few red and purple bruises along her collarbone.

"I-- Okay, Si-- Trunks." (Name) replied, gasping as his hand gripped her bottom. She was definitely taken aback by such an action. But what surprised her more was that he kissed her.

The half Saiyan nibbled on her bottom lip as the kiss became sweet and passionate. He held her close to him. And, for some reason, the Saiyan female couldn't say no. Her lips immediately melted to his.

After a minute, air became an issue, causing them to pull apart. Leaving them both gasping and panting for air.

"(N-Name)..." Trunks stuttered at first, trying to compose himself and gain his breath back. He knew she was a Saiyan, he could just tell. And, she knew he knew. Well, to stop making my writing sound like shit, they both knew that the other was a Saiyan. "Become my mate..." He told her, using Saiyan terms. Which she instantly agreed to, the two now sharing a passionate kiss.

The end.