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The Argument

by NightRaven

A023EEA7-4DD5-4C96-8F3A-4BA8EF0AD994.JPG 6A9131EF-AD73-4563-AE33-972B69147127.JPG 0EB55C7A-D066-4BC2-A00E-76C6FAF4F5D7.JPG 0A2368D3-1C7F-410E-A7EE-8582DAEE7804.JPG 2EA708BB-4AC2-4072-B373-20C78F29E442.JPG 48147322-AD53-4552-A276-0F9204587605.JPG DDCB3D86-DC47-4D25-8C1F-7F6EFB0BE529.JPG 4A5B5471-02F0-4E88-8AF2-78C0FDFD2E2D.JPG 9C7CDA20-FFF2-4EDA-810D-5876B899E793.JPG 3A30D660-C79C-4A50-B2FC-DD78225802A3.JPG
NightRaven Alright, so I decided to create this to show what happened two days ago:
I was in an argument with someone that soon ended. The person I had argued with had called me a nobody, and usually I'm used to that:
but this time...
It was different as I was harmed greatly by the insult and, well, gave up.

Heh... nice.
The one on the left is a cat I'm represented by and the one on the left is one to represent my enemy.

Nothing I had expected in my classes.

(Yes, I'm aware that this thing is massive as well; ten images. Wow.
I'm also aware that the whole thing was drawn in my horrible art style. Hopefully I'll actually be able to draw better than before, one day.)
  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 15, 2016