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Warrior Cats: Falling Stars: The Apprentices: The Apprentices: Chapter 2

by ThePlayfulFox

ThePlayfulFox We look at an apprentice from CloudClan and see what she's going through after getting caught by FlameClan.
"What in the name of StarClan are you doing here?"

Robinpaw jumped back. They were caught by FlameClan. She glanced at her mentor, Jumwatch. His ginger fur bristled while his amber eyes were narrowed Robnpaw, looking up to her mentor, followed his example.

A small grey she-cat from behind her, Tinysky, stepped forward. Her muzzle was drawn back into a snarl. "We're here to do what you FlameClan cats should be doing!" Her tail hesitated before lashing and she twitched her paws.

The ginger FlameClan cat took a step forward, her tail lashing. "You have no right to do anything here! Leave!"

Tinysky narrowed her blue eyes, then looked back at her clanmates. "Come on, we better go back to camp. We shouldn't start fights when we can avoid them." She flicked her tail at the nest of the patrol.

Robinpaw obediently followed Tinysky, as did Jumpwatcher. However, Thistlesong stayed. "How can you three think of yourselves as loyal warriors! Why re you allowing FlameClan to just tell you to leave and you do it? By a kittypet none the less!" The ginger FlameClan cat flinched at Thistlesong's words.

Tinysky glared at Thistlesong. "I was placed in charge of this patrol by Oakwither. I make the calls. I make the big decisions. And I say this isn't worth it! We are leaving." Her tail lashed as she stepped closer and closer to Thistlesong until she was only a whisker away.

Thistlesong's amber glare met TInysky's as the two stood there. Robinpaw glanced at the FlameClan patrol and saw that they were getting impatient. She shifted her paws nervously as she waited for the tension to erupt into fighting. She felt her claws ding into the earth.

Robinpaw felt a tail on her back. She turned and saw the calming face of her mentor, his amber eyes full of warmth. "We should get to our side of the border."

Robinpaw nodded as she was let to CloudClan's territory. She hoped that her clanmates got out of FlameClan's territory. But she could not think about that at the moment. No, she and the rest of the patrol would have to deal with telling Oakwither and Bigstar about the fact they were caught by FlameClan.

Robinpaw sighed and looked up at the trees that loomed above them. Sunlight filtered through the leaves, leaving patches of sunlight on the forest floor. She found herself getting calmer with every breath.

"When's Tinysky and Thistlesong coming back?" she asked, her brow furrowed. She knew that the two could not stay in FlameClan territory. Besides, that would be foolish anyway.

Jumpwatcher sighed. "I cannot say. Hopefully soon. As soon as we were caught by FlameClan, we should have left."

Robinpaw flattened her ears. "We shouldn't have crossed the border at all. Orders or none."

Jumpwatcher twitched his whiskers with amusement. "Yeah. But Bigstar wanted us to. Besides, I was curious myself."

Robinpaw nodded as she followed Jumpwatcher back to camp.

Tinysky and Thistlesong made it back shortly after Jumpwatcher and Pobinpaw did, panting. The two must have run all the way back. Robinpaw was honestly scared about reporting their failed mission. She hoped that Bigstar did not get angry with them. She had to say. she did not know her leader well. He was to busy to notice her. Not that she wanted to be noticed by the most important cat in camp.

She followed Jumpwatcher, Tinysky, and Thistlesong until Jumpwatcher turned to her. "I'm afraid you'll have to stay out here, Robinpaw. While Bigstar likes to talk to most of the patrol members when they do something out of the normal border a hunting patrol, he doesn't like apprentices to be at these."

Robinpaw nodded as she went to talk to somecat. Maybe she could go out with Hollowpaw or Longpaw. Besides, last time she checked, their mentors have not taken them out yet.

Robinpaw padded around camp, looking for her two denmates. Where were they? Did Whitestripe and Halfbee already take them out? Pobinpaw sighed and sat down, flicking her tail up and down every once in a while. A brown tabby tom with a leaf in his mouth walked up to her after a few minutes.

Carefully placing the leaf down he stared at Robinpaw his green gaze calm. "Robinpaw, why are you just sitting there?"

Robinpaw sighed, slightly annoyed. "Because I'm waiting for my mentor to get done with his meeting with Bigstar."

He nodded. "So why aren't you with Hollowpaw or Longpaw. The three of you seem to be good friends." He seemed genuinely concerned, much to Robinpaw's displeasure.

"I don't know, Mosspaw. Maybe they went out for some warrior training!" Robinpaw lashed her tail as she lept up, spitting at Mosspaw.

Mosspaw flinched. "I'm sorry, I-I didn't know!" He looked at her kindly. "Maybe you can help me sort herbs?" He looked away shyly, his ears twitching.

Robinpaw sighed. "Not like I have anything better to do. It's the elder's nap-time. Unless they learned how to complain in their sleep, I'm free and bored."

Mosspaw flinched again. "You shouldn't talk about the elders like that," he said as he walked t the medicine den, Robinpaw following him.

Robinpaw nudged into Mosspaw. "Come on! You can't say they're cranky all the time! I've only been an apprentice for half a moon, and they've ordered me more than my mother and mentor combined."

Mospaw nodded. "True. But they served the clan for many years. They deserve our respect." They entered the den and he started to show Robinpaw what to do. Robin picked up what he did quickly and Mosspaw made a mental note that she could have been a good medicine cat.

The two started conversing while they worked. Most of it was unimportant, like gossiping about whether or not Willowbriar, a brown she-cat, had a relationship in NightClan or what the cats in FlameClan were doing at the moment. Eventually, the topic went to the topic of TunnelClan. "I don't think TunnelClan has been stealing our prey," Robinpaw said as she sorted herbs with Mosspaw.

Mosspaw gave her a questioning look. "Why's that?"

Robinpaw looked Mosspaw dead in the eyes. "When I was searching for TunnelClan sent, I couldn't smell any at the tunnels."

Mosspaw looked at her, extremely confused. "Then what did you smell?"

Robinpaw tried to remember, but she could not recognize the sent at all. Even when she tried looking in the dark corners of her brain. It always went blank. "I don't know. We ran into a FlameClan patrol. I guess I couldn't identify the smell before they came." She starting thinking. "Maybe I should talk to TunnelClan about this."

Mosspaw tensed. "Robinpaw, wait!" But it was too late, the ginger she-cat was already bounding out of camp and into the forest where she would cross the NightClan and TunnelClan border just to get answers.
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