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My Life My Rules My Choices: The Annoying Bugs ~5~

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow Quilava gets Poisoned, and Bayleef saves the day... Make sure you check out @Typhlo.sion's series as well!
"AUGH!" Becca toppled over. Then she regained composure.
A bug trainer! Becca and I stood battle stance.
“Go! Quilava!”
As quilava let out his first move, he was poisoned, then he toppled over a little twitchy, but not fainted. When he woke up, he only saw a Machoke, at first he was startles, then he realized it was Machop who had evolved.
"Where is Becca and Piper?!?!" He asked frantically.
"I don't know..." Machoke said sadly.
"Let's look for- RAHHH" He let out a fire blast that sent the forest ablaze.
"Great, you set the forest on fire. Now how are we gonna look for them?" Machoke said weakly...

To be continued
  1. Cloyster Confirmed
    Cloyster Confirmed
    Too short rip
    Apr 24, 2017
  2. MellowMarshmallow
    Did you publish it?!?!?
    Feb 14, 2017
  3. ekatsu
    mate ._.!!! I have the next chapter but its on my tablet! I'm publishing it tonight! Oh noes
    Feb 14, 2017