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The Adventures of Nathan: The adventures of Nathan Part 2-Training time!

by Zealous_Zenith

Zealous_Zenith It's about time Nathan and Tanner gets their starter pokemon! Nathan goes training and I have a feeling there is going to be a massive bond formed! Read on to see what happens! Like it so I can keep going and follow if you wanna keep track with the episodes!
Chapter 2

"No...way..." Nathan whisperd as he, and everyone else in the room was looking at what he was looking except Nathan and Tanner were the most astonished. What there were looking at...was a shiny Bagon and a shiny Riolu!

Immediately,They dashed up to the professer and asked "Can we keep them can we keep them please!" Both very excited boys said.

Prof.Redwood glanced at the boys, then looked at the pokemon who wanted to be Nathan and Tanner's and finally, glaced at the fire and the policeand came with a decision.

"Sure! But get out of here before the police interrogates you cause I don't want your parents worried sick"

Nathan and Tanner got some pokeballs "you ready for an awesome adventure bagon?" Nathan asked his new partner "Bayge Bayge!" Bagon said with a Nod "Rio Rio!" Riolu said before Tanner even asked him and both pokemon went in their pokeballs and the boys took off.

Nathan ran off by his own and went to route 1,000,001 and started to train for the first gym, and perhaps even his next pokemon partner!

Nathan saw his first trainer and decided to battle him. He tapped his shoulder and then man whirled around "what you wanna battle er something?" The guy said.

The guy was very bulky and looked like he worked out all his life. "Yup! I got my first starter pokemon just now and we wanna test out skills!" Nathan said eagerly.

"Alright but Im strong!" The bulk guy said and so the battle began.

"Go Bagon!" Nathan said as Bagon appeared out of his pokeball "Throh show them your power!" And a human-like pokemon that looked like he took Karate lessons came out.

"Bagon, use headbutt!" Nathan commanded Bagon and he lunged at throh, comepletely knocking him over.

"Throh Karate chop!" "Bagon Jump up to dodge and skyrocket down headfirst with a headbutt!" Nathan and the bulk man commanded and there was big action.

Throh Tried to hit Bagon but he jumped really high up and came headfirst down with a really powerful headbutt! Knocking the foe's Throh straight out!

"Well darn it your pretty good! I think you can beat the gym!" The man said "Really? Thanks! By the way who is the gym leader?" "His name is Jeff and he is a normal type gym leader" ok thanks!

And Nathan left... right before he got a tap on the shoulder!

It was Tanner again! "Hey bro I saw you were training too! So I I wanna put MY training to the test!" Tanner asked Nathan for a battle "A challenge Eh?" Nathan said with a big grin on his face "challenge accepted!"

And so a battle begun, and so did a big friendship.

To be continued...
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  1. Zealous_Zenith
    Ah I don't know, nobody but you and one other person is reading this and I gave up a long time ago lol
    Jun 17, 2015
  2. Smyers09
    Make part 3 lol
    Jun 17, 2015
  3. Zealous_Zenith
    Next part will be on Saturday...trying to focus on quality than quantity so leave a like if your excited people!
    May 20, 2015