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The Adventure Starts

by Dyxaff

Dyxaff The Beginning of the Dyxaff's Adventure, before you start to reading...i'm an Italian Guy and i'm not very well in english.
A single explosion awoke Dyxaff - What the...! - Screams meanwile opened his Eyes.
Axe, His Axew was looking at him with a stern look - What's appening, Axe?- Axe took a flyer with an image of an annual local tournament for which they were prepared for a whole year - Oh Damn,you're right Bud. - Dyxaff Literally jumped out of bed and got dressed in a hurry and then out of the house like a cyclone with Axe on his shoulder It's here, after an Year it's here thought heading towards the square of Messina Town.
Just saw the dealer registration quickened the pace and the poor Axe was tossed like a rag doll by frenetic pace of the race of his Trainer - LET ME BE ENTERED! - said exalted beating his hand on the bench - Ok Guy, Name and Party Please- replied calmly the attendant - Only me, Dyxaff and my Axe -exclaimed pointing to his Pokémon.
Meanwhile, on top of Mount Etna was taking a clash between a Heatran and a Blastoise somewhat strange, Heatran performing moves like Lava Plume and Iron Head only after Blastoise approached too, behind Heatran there was an afraid Victini (to be continued...)
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  1. Azur
    Interesting story, curious to read more of it.
    Feb 11, 2015