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My Pokemon Story: The a Story of Milo Part 12

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
After I was finished evolving, I heard Bayleef cheer "Yahoo! Go Milo!" I gave her a thumbs up. I then used magnitude. It defeated the graveler. "What the... Oh WHATever. You win. Take your badge." Said Rory angrily. "WE WON! Milo, you evolved. I'm so proud Of you!" Caeser gave me a thumbs up. "You did good Milo, ya did good." Said Caeser. "You won Con you won!" Cheered Bridget. We went back to the Pokemon Center/Inn. Nathan was quiet on the way back. "Hey Nathan, are you ok?" Asked Conner. "Oh I'm much better than ok." Nathan replied. All of us were suspicious. When we went back into inn, I overheard Conner and Bridget talking. This is what they said- Um Bridget, there's something I wanna tell you. Um okay, what is it Con. Well um, I like you b-bad. I wanted to tell you, and ask you if you felt the same way.- I. Was.Shocked. Caeser whispered "Kiss,Kiss,Kiss." I told him to keep quiet. Anyway, back to the lovebirds.- Oh. Oh my gosh I.. I do! Conner smiled. Then they talked a little more,and then they KISSED. .Then Bayleef walked in. Caeser then said "Make your move Milo, talk to her so I did. Um, hi Bayleef, "Hi Milo!" She said. I wanted to say that I well, I um I like you.. Do you like me? "Yes!" Said Bayleef I wanted to tell you but I was too nervous. Then,I kissed her. (The rest of the story will be told from Nathan's perspective.) The phone rang. Hello officer. I found them. They're the ones. I'm not kidding! I'm certain of it. Once they are at full power. I'll bring them in. Then, everything will reset. To be continued...