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Terraria meets Pokemon Ep3!

by EonTheLatias

Tony: Okay. I need to think. Zero is dead, Everyone ran and WHAT THE F#@$ IS THAT?!?!
????: Rayqua!!!
Tony: Oh thanks. AHH!!! :-O
Rayquaza: ( The one annoying attack. Outrage. )
Tony: NOO!!!
--------Police Report--------
Two unknown men were found completely slaughtered. One had bullet holes also. Everything about them was odd. A Rayquaza was seen flying from the area, and a Mew also. Pokemon are not known to kill. Have we discovered something?
Zero: Where the hell am I? It looks like space.
( splat )
????: Deox...
Zero: What the hell?
Deoxys: ( giant laser thing )
Zero: OH S#@& ( Rolls behind rock and starts shooting Deoxys with his Minishark )
Deoxys: Oxx.... DEOXYS!!!!!
Zero: Heck yes. It's dead. Ooo. A gem. MINE!
( As soon as Zero grabs the gem a huge explosion engulfs him, almost killing him )
Zero: #Migraine. Seriously. My head feels like crap.
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  1. Machi
    Yay! :)
    Jul 10, 2016
  2. EonTheLatias
    Jul 10, 2016
  3. Machi
    That is so cool you should keep writing
    Jul 10, 2016