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Team Ultra

by Onebrickyboi

Please read the whole thing

This project is for a fan game I am making it is for the Evil team called Team Ultra I want to know who wants to be a leader of Team Ultra.

Team Ultra consists of 6 parts Ultra Rocket, Ultra Aqua, Ultra Magma, Ultra Galactic, Ultra Plasma and Ultra Flare.

If you want to be in the game put the name of the Team you want to lead on my profile page or put it in a conversation

There are boundaries for your team you want to create

The boundaries are that you must have at least 1 legendary from the games of the team you are leading

For example
I am the leader of Ultra Team Plasma so I need to have Zekrom, Reshiram or Kyurem in your team

But you are also allowed to have all 3 legendaries as well

And the second boundary is that you must have the ace pokemon of the Evil leader

For example
Ghetsis has Hydreigon so I have to add Hydreigon to my team

But Pokemon like Rhydon who evolve in a different generation are useable by the team that uses the previous evolution

The third boundary is that you must have pokemon that can be found in the region your team is from

Other than that you can have what ever Pokemon you want on your team

Choosing what team you want to lead it is first come first serve

And also I am the leader of Ultra Team Plasma

The last thing is

When you tell me what team you want to lead

Tell me your name that you want

And what you want your character to look like

And I will make the sprite and have it be approved by you before it goes into the game