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The Likara region: Team Scare!

by Ryanthewatermelon

Ryanthewatermelon I dunno.
Mark heads back to the Pokémon center.
Mark gets his Pokémon healed.
Mark: Now, time for route TWO!
He enters route 2.
Trainer: team Fame is over there, we need to battle!
Mark is challenged by Hiker Jonathan!
Hiker Jonathan sent out espurr!
Mark sent out Squirtle!
Espurr used Psyrain!
It started to rain acid!
Squirtle used bubble!
Espurr flinched!
Squirtle is damaged by the acid...
Squirtle used bubble!
Espurr flinched!
Espurr fainted!
Hiker Jonathan: just be sure they don't spot you.
Team fame leader: Finally, he have awoken Rayquaza and Regigas!
Team fame leader: hey, who is that?
Mark: uh...
Mark: Pablo the Patato!
Team fame leader: This calls for a battle!
Team fame leader sent out Poochyena!
Mark sent out Squirtle!
Squirtle used bubble!
Poochyena fainted!
Team fame leader sent out muk!
Squirtle used bubble!
Muk flinched!
Muk fainted!
Mark gained 200 EXP points!
You defeated her!
Team fame leader: My.. Name.. Is.Diantha.
You got 300. Pokédollars!
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  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    Lol, another great part. But my question is never answered, can i add a character? If you dont answer this before you upload the next chapter i will asume i cane
    Dec 12, 2016
  2. Ryanthewatermelon
    Who was that character?
    Dec 11, 2016