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Trainers Pictures: Team Rocket Memebers Henry and Katie

by PCDominic

Team Rocket members Henry and Katie.png
PCDominic It's Henry and Katie! Members of Team Rocket! Oh no!

  • Henry: Watch out for Danger!
  • Katie: You better stranger!
  • Henry: To glorify ourselves from such scum!
  • Katie: To ruin others and have such fun!
  • Henry: To announce the world of our plans!
  • Katie: To mould the world with our hands!
  • Henry: Henry!
  • Katie: Katie!
  • Henry: Team Rocket bring trouble wherever they go!
  • Katie: Give up now or be consumed by woe!
  • Katie & Henry: Oh ho ho!!
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  1. PCDominic
    Thank you :)
    Oct 25, 2015
  2. Blonde
    The motto is really adorable :D haha nice.
    Oct 25, 2015