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Targaryen City

by raccoonchan12

Targaryen City.png
raccoonchan12 New Area!!Which I'll put in,that is right after you pass through The Random route,which I should name,and where Timbare Village is.You will find a house where the monorail leads you too Targaryen City.It is run by Team Rocket,who is trying to get the Mansion.The Mansion that belongs to a man named Edgar has blueprints for a weapon that can catch any Pokemon,including the Legendary Pokemons.The fastest,the strongest,and the ones with absolute power.They also stole the satellite connections to power the weapons.They'd took hostages inside of the mansion for Edgar to tell them about where's he hiding the weapon.One of the hostages it his grandson.The newscast between Frank's Market,and Martha's Laboratory are always sneaky and will always try to get the next scoop.They will challenge you to a Pokemon battle.*They have a Porygon-Z and a Ludicolo,both LV 35.Porygon-Z; Psybeam,Agility,Signal Beam,and Embargo. Ludicolo;Mega Drain,Hone Claws,Sunny Day,Blizzard. Porygon-Z's Held Item;Lum Berry Ludicolo's Held Item:Sitrus Berry* The people that are hostages are,the wife's owner of Fight-n' Grill,Frank - The girl's dad who is gaurding the door and talking to her uncle,and Martha,the scientist.The boy guarding the door is her assistant.Talk to them and they will give you a item and help you drive away team rocket,once you come near one of the Team Rocket Elites,like the one right there in the front door.You will help Edgar's Servants,and his Mighteyana,who are trying to escape and trying to find someone to help.Once you save Frank,you will be able to buy these items;Full Restore,Revive,Max Potion,Ultra Ball,Quick Ball,Air Balloon,Max Repel,Escape Rope,and Full Heal.*If you complete the Championship,the door on the right side of Frank's Market will open,and you can come there.Frank's daughter will bring you there,and challenge you to a battle.She will have a Lv 51 Togetic.Togetic's attack will be; Double-Edge,Sweet Kiss,Shadow Ball,and Aerial Ace.*Once you fight her,she will give you a Mega Stone,and a Poke-Egg.*note:the Poke Egg will be a Togepi with Super Luck,and the moves;Growl,Charm,and Mega Punch*Once you rescued Martha,she will give you a Master Ball,and a map to a secret route to where you can fight against there boss.Fight N' Grill will be back to business,and the owner will give you a Gold Comet Shard,which is double the price of a regular Comet Shard.There is only a few in existence.After you beat the Elite,the boss man blocking the door will go away.He will leave a Key to one of there rooms in there Headquarters.Pauline's Gym will be the one on the top cabin,next to the flower bed.You will fight her underground.