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The Song and the Silence: Tanner Takes on the Musica Region!

by Captain Cardboard

Captain Cardboard Um... This is my first piece I've ever made, not to mention posted... So forgive me if it's bad... This is about a guy named Tanner as he starts his journey through the Musica Region. I might make more... and plus I'm bad at summaries... xD.
(So... like I said in the summary, this is my first work. Ever. I was wondering what to do, and the New Adventure challenge came up, so I was like, why not? Is it too long? To boring? AAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!! SHOULD I EVEN POST THIS?!?!)

It was a quiet day in the Musica Region. Where exactly in the Musica Region, you ask? Why, in the small country town of Mezzo. Mezzo's main export is their agriculture and farms, which products are sent all around the region, and to others as well. Although not as flashy and jazzy as other cities or towns in the region, many people come here for it's laid back feeling and beautiful forests. Our young adventurer-to-be is known as Tanner, although his friends call him TJ. He's a blonde that can be a little introverted at time, but really stands by his friends when they're in need. His parents own a farm, and also a small ranch where they raise an assortment of Ponyta, Miltanks, and Tarous. Tanner has a very close relationship with one of the Ponyta there, a young mare named Blue. Our adventure-to-be would spend hours talking to, riding, and having a general great time with the Ponyta.

“Hey girl. How you doing?” Tanner asked Blue, rubbing her nose. Blue whinnied happily and nudged him gently. “Good, good. Now listen, Blue. I've got something to say...”

Tanner trailed off, not sure where to start. Blue gave Tanner a confused look, then sat down. Tanner leaned against the Ponyta and stroked it's side.

“I'm going… going to be leaving. An adventure, Blue. My own journey. Mom and Pop, they said I could go today.” At this, Blue perked up and whinnied happily. “Yeah, it's pretty great. There's one big but though.”

Blue looked at Tanner with concern, and Tanner gave Blue a sad smile.

“They said I couldn't take you, Blue.” Blue snorted in surprise. Tanner looked down and pulled out a Pokeball. He studied it, turning it back and forth in his palm. “Mom gave me a Natu. It's great, but… But it's not you, Blue.”

Blue stood up, causing Tanner to fall over. The flames on her back were larger, and she whinnied with anger. Tanner stood up, gazing at Blue sadly.

“I know. They said it's because you're the prize racehorse, and you do so well in the competitions. Their answer was a definite no.” Tanner said. “That's why… I'm not doing it.”

Blue whinnied in surprise. She gazed at Tanner with a look that asked, Are you sure?

“I'm not going.” Tanner said. “I… I… We would tromp around, and dream of leaving. I can't finish that dream without my best friend.”

Blue trotted forward and gently nudged Tanner, and Tanner hugged Blue's snout.

“That's really how you feel about it?” Tanner turned to see his father, watching, arms crossed.

“Yeah.” Tanner's father sighed, and looked away. After a moment, he looked to the sky.

“Miranda's going to kill me.” He muttered, then tossed a Pokeball at Tanner. Tanner caught it, confused. Then it dawned on him.


“Just go, before your Mom realizes.” Tanner's father said. Tanner gave his dad a hug.

“Thank you so much! Thank You, thank you, thank you!”

“I still can't believe she gave you nothing but a Natu. Now get going!” Tanner's father said, shoving Tanner away. Blue reared up and whinnied in triumph. Tanner mounted Blue, smiling brightly. Tanner's father handed him his backpack and some money. Here we go… off on an adventure!

The pair rode onward, and out of the town. They were onto their first route, Route 23. It was a lush, forested area with a steep cliff dropping down into more forest. Beyond the forest, you could barely make out the blue glow of the ocean.

“Faster, Blue! Faster!” Tanner urged, and Blue raced up the path. As they raced, Tanner heard a low, rumbling sound. “Whoa! Whoa, girl.”

The pair slowed to a stop as Tanner attempted to identify the source of the rumbling. Blue whinnied nervously, and backed up slightly. Suddenly, the ground right below them exploded upward, sending Tanner and Blue over the cliff!

“Blue, return!” Tanner yelled, pressing Blue's Pokeball. The Ponyta disappeared in a flash of red light as Tanner began sliding down the cliff. “Crap, crap, CRAP!”

Tanner's slightly controlled slide quickly transformed into an out-of-control roll as he struck a few boulders on the way down. Finally, after a terrifying fall, he hit the bottom. The boy just laid there in a daze.

“What the heck hit me? Some sort of Pokemon?” Tanner muttered. He looked back up the cliff. I'm not going to be able to climb that. Wait… But maybe… Tanner tossed the Pokeball his Mom gave to him, and a Natu appeared. The little bird Pokemon looked around, then fixed it's stare on Tanner. “Hey, little guy.”

The Natu continued to stare at Tanner, not blinking. Tanner started to search around in his bag, then stopped and looked back at the Natu. It held a completely straight face.

“What?” Tanner asked. The Natu remained silent, and continued to stare at Tanner. It almost looked like it was a statue. “Do you want a nickname or something?

The Natu nodded. Tanner thought for a moment.

“How about… Exe? Like the computer file.” The Natu thought for a moment, then nodded. A little bit of a smile appeared on it. “Ok then, Exe. Can you fly up the cliff and tie this rope around a tree or something?”

The Natu shook it's head no.

“Why not?” Tanner asked. The Natu jumped up and tried flapping it's wings, but couldn't fly. “Oh. Well then, it looks like we're getting up the cliff the long way. Come on out, Blue.”

Tanner pressed the button on the Pokeball, and the Ponyta appeared in a flash of light. She whinnied, her eyes full of concern.

“It's OK, Blue. Just some bruises and scrapes, nothing worse then what I've gotten riding you.” Tanner joked. “Alright, Blue. This is Exe. He's the newest member of our team. Exe, this is Blue. I expect the both of you to get along, alright?”

Both Pokemon nodded.

“Good! Now, let's get going.” Tanner said. The boy and his Pokemon began the trek through the woods. It was a very nice day, and there were quite a few Pokemon scurrying around. They were your standard Pokemon, a Rattata here, a Zigzagoon there. Tanner heard an unusual sound coming from behind a nearby bush, and when he looked over, it was a group of small Eevees play-fighting. They noticed him and scampered away, but not before he noticed the leader of the cute group.

“Whoa… a shiny eevee?” Tanner gasped. Suddenly, there was a loud KA-CHUNK! That came from where the Eevees had scampered off. Walking through the brush, Tanner saw that one of the Eevees had been caught in some sort of trap. It was in a cage now dangling from the trees. The other Eevees were yipping and making other noises like crazy, while the one in the cage was whimpering in fear. Following the rope of the trap, Tanner found where the cage was tied to.

“Hey, Blue. Burn through the rope, will ya?” Tanner asked. Blue nodded, and used her flames to burn through the rope. Tanner grabbed the rope, extinguished the small flames, and gently lowered the Eevee to the ground. But now, when he looked at the group of Eevees, there was an Umbreon in the middle. The Umbreon strode over to the door of the cage and ripped it right off. The Eevee dashed out, and the whole group nuzzled. The Umbreon looked up and nodded at Tanner, then the group of Eevees walked away. Well, all but one. The shiny Eevee remained, staring at Tanner with a smile. Tanner walked over and knelt down, scratching the gray, fox-like Pokemon behind the ears.

“Now, go on little guy. Go back to your family.” Tanner said, pointing in the direction the Eevees went. The shiny Eevee turned and dashed towards the bushes. She tripped, got up again, and ran into the bushes. Tanner watched the Eevee go with a smile, until his Ponyta nudged him. “Alright, alright! I'm going-”


Tanner whipped around. “Another trap?”

He looked at his two Pokemon companions. They both nodded in the direction of the noise. Tanner walked towards the noise, only to see a very similar scene to before. A group of Eevee huddled below a floating cage. Only this time, the Umbreon was in the trap. The shiny Eevee was on it's side near the trap, as if it had been pushed. Tanner sighed.

“Look, you'll have to be more careful-” Suddenly, there was a loud, rumbling noise as a Pokeom burst out of the cliffside. As the dust settled, Tanner saw what had created the hole in the cliff. It was a heavily scarred Excadrill.

“Well, well, well. An Umbreon.” Tanner heard someone say. A man walked out from behind the Excadrill. The man wore an unusually clean white cloak, and his scruffy black hair obscured his eyes. He had an unusual device attached to his wrist. “That's an unusual catch.”

The group of Eevees looked among each other nervously, unsure of what to do. The Umbreon let out a bark-like call, and the Eevees started to run away. The man pointed the device at the Eevees, and a weighted net shot out, trapping them.

“Oh, crap.” Tanner muttered. Who is this guy? A Pokemon Hunter? Oh no, what if he's a Nuzlocker?!

“Hey!” Tanner was jolted out of his thoughts. The man in white had seen him! “You! Leave.”

“Uh, uh… W-wait.” Tanner said. The two were interrupted by a small yipping noise, and the shiny Eevee tried to attack the Excadrill. The Eevee jumped at the Excadrill… but simply bounced right off.

“...A shiny... Eevee...” The man in white said.

“Oh no.” Tanner said. The man in white pointed his arm at the Eevee, and smirked.

“You're gonna make quite a buck on the market.”

“Blue, use Flash!”

“What?!” Blue dashed out, and a blinding light lit the area. While the man in white and his Pokemon were blinded, Tanner scooped up the shiny Eevee and jumped on Blue.

“Don't worry. I'll come back for you.” Tanner said to the Umbreon and other Eevees, then rode off.

The man in white rubbed the spots out of his eyes, enraged. He unclipped two Pokeballs from his belt and tossed them into the air, releasing his spider Pokemon.

“Galvantula! Ariados!” The man in white barked. “Bring me that Shiny Eevee!”

The spider Pokemon hissed, and scuttled after Tanner and his Ponyta. The man in white pulled another Pokeball from his belt, this time releasing a Hitmonchan.

“Bring this lot back to camp.” The man turned to his Excadrill. “Now… the hunt is afoot.”

Tanner and Blue dashed through the undergrowth. Various trees and brush slapped and scratched, but Tanner held the little shiny Eevee close. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an Ariados swinging through the trees towards him. SPIDERS?!?! I HATE SPIDERS!!!

“Faster, Blue!” Tanner said, beginning to panic. The Ariados stopped, and shot a string off webbing at Tanner. It barely missed, but crossed in front of Blue's path. Blue veered to the side, barely avoiding the webbing. However, in veering, Blue got stuck in a large spiderweb created by the Galvantula. The electric spider Pokemon crept closer to Blue, and released a surge of electricity through the web. Tanner felt the electricity surge through him, and he screamed, falling off Blue. He still had a good clutch on the Eevee, though. Blue was beginning to panic, and began to struggle against the web.

“Blue, return!” Tanner said, holding up Blue's Pokeball. He slipped his pokeball back in his pocket, and began to run from the Spider Pokemon. He didn't make it far before the ground in front of him exploded upward, revealing the man in white and his Excadrill.

“Hand it over, kid” Tanner stopped for a moment, then made a sharp turn to try to get away. The Galvantula tackled him, pinning him to the ground and hissing. Crap, crap, crap! This guy's too good! If I send out Blue or Exe, they'll… wait… where's Exe?

“You're going to pay for that, brat.” The man in white said. He walked over a bent down in front of Tanner. “Hand over the Eevee.”

“No!” Tanner said, curling around the Eevee. The man in white clenched his fist, and a hidden blade popped out of his sleeve.

“Give me the Eevee, or I'll-”

“Hello, Mister!” The man in white turned around to see a little girl. “Do you need some help?”


“I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!” The little girl yelled. The man in white looked surprise at this. “Mister, under the Galvantula. Do you need some help?”

“…He's too strong! Run.” Tanner stammered out. The Galvantula hissed loudly, and Tanner shut up. Who does this girl think she is?

“I'm going to take that as a yes.” The little girl said. She struck a fighting stance and pulled out two Pokeballs. “Alright, Mister X. Let's go!”

“Hmph. Foolish girl! Ariados, Excadrill, get her.” The man in white commanded.

“Go, Vaporeon, Flareon!” The girl said. She threw the Pokeballs, and her fox-like Pokemon appeared. The Vaporeon dashed forward and tackled the Excadrill, forcing it back. The Flareon let out a blast of fire, pushing the Ariados back as well. The man in white put his attention back to Tanner, right as the Shiny Eevee poked it's head out from under Tanner. The man in white grabbed the shiny Eevee. Tanner tried to grab her back, but the Galvantula stomped on his arm.

“No!” Tanner said. The man in white smirked, but that smirk was quickly turned into a frown as the Shiny Eevee bit his finger. With a flick of his hand, the man in white threw it at a nearby tree. The Eevee hit the tree, and fell to the ground, limp. The man in white leveled his net device at the Shiny Eevee. Suddenly, the man's Ariados slammed into him, and they fell to the ground. “What?! Get off of me, fool!”

The Ariados just lay there, limp. The Galvantula turned to see the Excadrill flying straight towards him. He tried to get out of the way, but was to late. The electric spider was trapped under the large mole Pokemon. The little girl skipped over to the man in white as he struggled out from underneath his Pokemon.

“Maybe you should actually give your Pokemon commands when you send them against an Elite Four Member.” She said. The man in white's eyes widened in shock.

An Elite Four member?! Tanner thought. But she's just a little girl!

“W-wait… hold on...” The man in white said, crawling backwards. The little girl's Flareon growled, and walked towards him.

“I'm going to turn you into the police, Mister X.” The little girl said. At this, the man in white laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Right. Of course you would, brat.” The man in white said. “I think I'll take a rain check.”

The man in white threw something down, and it exploded, sending smoke everywhere.

“Flareon, Fire Bla-” The little girl stopped, and began to cough. A Pokemon roared, and a great wind knocked down Tanner and the little girl. The smoke slowly dissipated, and the man in white was gone. However, his Excadrill was still there, unconscious.

“Who was that guy?” Tanner asked. The little girl got up and brushed some dirt off.

“That was a bad man, known by the name of X.” The little girl said. “He's a wanted man, wanted by the Musica Region Police and the World Police, for crimes of theft, murder, cruelty to Pokemon, and many other crimes… but also, Nuzlocking.”

“Nuzlocking?! I knew it!” Tanner exclaimed. “And… and you said you were a member of the Elite Four!”

“Yep! I'm Madison, the first of the Elite Four! I specialize in Eeveelutions.” The little girl said. “That was very brave, protecting that Shiny Eevee. You could've just let him take her.”

“But then he'd just sell her to some stupid collector or whatever that would just leave her stranded in some PC. She's better off living in the wild.”

“Or with a great partner, such as yourself?” The little girl asked. Tanner laughed.

“Like me? No way. I'm just starting out.” Tanner said. “I haven't even earned a single gym badge.”

At this, Madison was taken aback. She gave Tanner a weird look.

“Hm.” Madison said. “You're weird, Mister.”


“You're lucky that your Natu found me, otherwise… well...” Madison trailed off. Tanner's Natu popped out from behind Madison, and hopped over. “I've gotta go now, Mister. I'll be waiting for you at the Pokemon League. Oh, and a bit of advice...”

“Advice?” Tanner asked. From a little girl?

“Don't sell yourself short.”

Then the littler girl skipped off into the Forest, followed by her Flareon and Vaporeon. Tanner knelt down to talk to Exe.
"Oh, and don't worry about the Eevees and that Umbreon. They're fine now." Madison said, poking her head out through a bush. Then she was gone.

“You brought her here?”

The Natu nodded.

“Thanks, Exe. How did you find her?”

Exe just tilted his head and gave a small smile. Tanner smiled. As they were about to leave, the bushed parted to reveal a very angry Umbreon. It snarled, and Exe struck a defensive position between the two.

“Wait!” Tanner said. Suddenly, the Shiny Eevee jumped in front of the Umbreon. It began to talk to it with yips and barks. The Umbreon slowly relaxed as the shiny Eevee explained what had happened. It looked at Tanner, then nodded and disappeared into the brush. It came back moments later, and dropped some berries in front of the young trainer.

“Um… thanks?” The Umbreon made a soft purring noise, then went to leave. It looked back at the Eevee and nodded it's head towards brush. The shiny Eevee shook it's head and sat down. The Umbreon stared, then glared at Tanner and walked into the bushes.

“...What was that about?” Tanner asked Exe. The Natu shrugged. Tanner looked down to see the Eevee nuzzling his leg. “Wait… hey, waitaminute… You can't come with me.”

The shiny Eevee looked up and tilted her head in question.

“You have a family, don't you? Shouldn't you get back to them?” Tanner asked. The Eevee stared at Tanner, the same question in her eyes.

“Are… are you sure you want to come with me?”

The Eevee nodded.

“Oh… OK then. Want a nickname?” Tanner asked. The Eevee nodded again. “How about… Tsara?”

The Shiny Eevee smiled and play-tackled Tanner's shoe.

“Tsara it is then! I'm Tanner, and this is Exe.” Tanner said, pointing to his Natu. Exe smiled, then hopped up onto Tanner's shoulder. “Now, let's get going. We've lost a lot of sunlight, and I want to get to Allegro Town by nightfall! I know just the way to do it, too. Come on out, Blue!”

Tanner threw a Pokeball into the air, and his Ponyta appeared in a flash of light.

“Blue, this is Tsara, a new member of our team. Now let's get going, we've got some gyms to beat and some places to explore!” Blue reared up on her hind legs and let out a triumphant whinny.

To be continued…
(Should I continue it?)
  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 22, 2016
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I see no reason why you shouldn't keep writing. You should always write for you. Having a fanbase is nice and all, but your main motivations should be to get your story told and self improvement from continuous practice. You could afford to add more detail to your work such as character appearances and descriptions, what they think and feel, describe the scenery a bit more, but you're on the right track. The only way to improve is to keep writing. But write because you want to, not because someone else tells you to. If the New Adventure Flash Challenge inspired/motivated you to post this, then seize that inspiration/motivation and use it to continue your story.
    Mar 5, 2016
  3. Sylvious
    Yes. This story has to be one of the best long stories I actually took my time to read (As I am lazy). And the results? Amazing. Handling a fan-made region is a lot of work itself, and writing about 3,000 words takes even more. I have never made a story longer than 2,000 words (Unless my Undertale walkthrough, which is about 5,500 words as I am posting this), so that is awesome! The cliffhangers, the story, the region, the characters are all fleshed out. This is a perfect story for Charms', and could be the most anticipating story if you continue this since @Psycho Monkey 's Rise Of Team Neos (Or something :0). Rise Of Team Neos (Again, or something) has to be one of the best stories on Charms', and having a nice story like this could be one of the best too! Continue it!

    Sorry for the long paragraph, but there is lots of reasons to continue this. Nice job!
    Mar 4, 2016
  4. WindRyder
    Yes, you should continue it :D
    Mar 4, 2016