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Tales from a Trainer's Saves: Ahnoah and the Legendary Dragon

by Silver-Solis

Silver-Solis Part 1 of the story. This is pretty much all filler, but I thought it was a good introduction to the characters
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Tales from a Trainer’s Saves
Ahnoah and the Legendary Dragon

It was a normal day in the region of Hoenn. Partially sunny skies, rich calls of the wildlife, and of course, the mild humidity. The weather of this region was ideal for most looking for a place to call home.

Ahnoah was not in the business of finding a home, at least not here. He was a wanderer, just walked about until he found himself in some sort of situation and triumphed over it. Sometimes these situations lead him to new regions, undiscovered places, and occasionally new friends.

May 13, 6:30 AM. First to rise.

Now Ahnoah himself wasn’t a morning person. If anything, he was more of an ‘Afternoon’ person. He liked his sleep. That wasn’t to say that all of his Pokemon were like this. Zehriyah the Zoroark was an early riser. She was the one who got everyone up for the day and usually prepared breakfast for the group. Whether her early rising was due to her initiative or her typing couldn’t be said.

Zehriyah usually leaned her head on Tiberius the Arcanine of enormous size. This was something that Zehriyah has been doing for many years. On top of her, precious little Stardom who occasionally had something similar to puppy dreams where she would squeak a bit and move around her little legs. The first challenge in the morning was to get Stardom off of her belly without waking her up. Stardom seemed like a heavy sleeper, but she will wake up at the slightest stimuli, so Zehriyah had to be careful in how she handled Stardom. She would move her free flowing hair around her claws in order to pick her up, but not accidentally give her the slightest of pokes. Then she would rest her in Tiberius fur, which is just like a heated blanket so if she even thought about getting up, she would immediately fall right back asleep. She executed this part of her daily ritual flawlessly.

Zehriyah would then get up and stretch out a bit. Usually something closer to human stretches rather than animal ones. She extended her arms out up into the air. Then she would stiffen her legs and stretch those as well. Granted this wasn’t the best way of stretching, but it was what she preferred the most. Lastly, she would crack her knuckles and start brushing through her hair with her claws. Due to Autumn the Serperior’s perfectionist type grooming, not any knot she could feel. Lucky for her too because she lacked the trademark blue hair tie that Zoroark had. Because of this, her hair flowed freely.

Zehriyah then would go over to Ahnoah’s satchel type bag. Ahnoah would claim that it was organized in some sort of fashion, but Zehriyah couldn’t see it. All she knew was to look for the small bag with a reddish-orange powder and the small sized cooking pan. She rummaged around the bag a bit trying her best to stay quiet at the same time. The occasional clatter would cause Stardom to clench her eyes shut tighter but stay asleep at the same time.

After a minute scouring for the pan and powder, she pulled both out and went over to the makeshift fire pit that still slightly smoldered from last night's dinner. Zehriyah set down the pan and powder and grabbed the unused wood from last night. Tiberius, the Arcanine, tended to over-do it when it came to gathering. He would sometimes get multiple trees worth of wood, which wasn’t so bad. Anyone who happens to walk the same path already gets wood gathered for them, which Zehriyah saw as a nice thing to do for someone.

Zehriyah pulled a stick from the logs. She then opened up the bag with the powder and put the stick in, twisting it around a bit. Eventually, the stick went from the familiar brown to a more crimson color, similar to Ahnoah’s hair. After leaning the partially crimson stick against a rock, she grabbed a log and placed it in the fire pit. Zehriyah then picked up the stick and twisted it. A fire erupted from the stick, almost unnaturally. However, it was still safe enough to not burn Zehriyah’s face.

The powder was of a fire stone. Ahnoah had learned from his friend, Sicilia, that a fire stone could be grounded up and the powder itself be used to start fires easily. Even though Ahnoah had been traveling longer, he tried this and to his surprise, it worked. It’s not that he doubted her, rather, he didn’t expect a stone to be so volatile. Especially so seems how trainers just carry it around in their bags while traveling. A bit unsafe but Ahnoah can’t be talking because he has it in a plastic bag that could break relatively easy.

Usually, Caesar the Floatzel wakes up at around this time, which would be around 7:00. He has a bit lazier morning compared to the others, but for a good reason. He usually has the hardest day compared to everyone else on the team. He was most likely the battle lead, with Zehriyah or Tiberius as the close second. Caesar woke up on the near exact second that the fire was lit, like usual.

Caesar would start off his morning doing stretches similar to Zehriyah’s. Then he would do his best attempt at meditating, but it was mostly just waiting for breakfast to be served in a patient fashion.

Zehriyah, after affirming that the fire was stable, would then go back over to the bag and get out food to be cooked, or eaten at all. Tiberius, Ahnoah, Caesar, and Zehriyah would all get bacon with their breakfast, which could all be cooked at once. Ahnoah just learned not to question why the bacon didn’t need to be chilled. New age with new technology did allow for strange things after all. Everyone would get rye bread with their breakfast as well. Though, this would mean they would run out of rye bread quickly, so they couldn’t stay out in the wilderness for too long or else they would run out. Lastly, a special recipe that Sicilia taught Zehriyah that would ensure still a quality-like morning for the team. A pancake batter that didn’t need to be chilled as well. After breaking open in the bag once, Ahnoah makes sure to keep the batter sealed twice in the bag, so it was a little bit of a hassle to open. Regardless, the pancakes would last the team around five days in the wild. If it came down to it, they would go into their lunch and in desperate cases, dinner too. Stardom, Autumn, and Reina would all get two pancakes instead of one due to them not eating the bacon.

Zehriyah would start with making the pancakes in order to not wake Tiberius due to his primitive instincts to meat. Because of this, Zehriyah wouldn’t need to wake the three non-morning people. She popped open the pancake batter and poured a bit onto the pan and held it over the fire. This was the most time-consuming part of the morning.

While making the pancakes, Zehriyah would call out to Caesar to bring over paper plates and a spatula in order to scrape the pancake off from one side. Caesar would try to look a little annoyed by this but was glad to help Zehriyah out in the morning. One Pancake down, 9 more to go.

This would normally persist until around 8:00 until she finished making the pancakes. At this time, both Reina and Autumn would be awake. Reina would be busy plucking away at feathers that seemed ruffled or bent. Autumn would be busy chatting with Zehriyah while tending to her hair. If it wasn’t for her, there would be no way Zehriyah would be able to sustain her current hair length. Reina and Caesar were the introverts of the group, so they didn’t really talk much, but their facial expressions and actions clearly spoke for them.

As soon as Zehriyah would start frying the bacon, Tiberius would begin moving, waking up Ahnoah and Stardom in the process. Stardom would usually hop down with ease, but Ahnoah would roll off of Tiberius and usually wake up from slight pain.

“Euh...Morning guys…” Ahnoah said.

Zehriyah looked up from the pan, and Stardom hopped around his body on the ground. She would try to use her ribbons to help lift up Ahnoah, but due to their size, it wouldn’t really do much. Regardless, Ahnoah was happy to wake up knowing immediately that he was being cared for by his Pokemon.

“Usue?” Ahnoah would normally ask, in order to take inventory of his supplies.

“Yea, everything is alright. Just finishin up the bacon and breakfast should be ready. You sleep fine?” Zehriyah asked. She didn’t have the ability to transform like other Zoroark, however, she was able to use auditory illusions in order to translate speech for the entire team. With a small amount of time given, she could even translate Pokemon who were not a part of the group.

“For the most part. I woke up once or twice, but I got a good amount of sleep.” Ahnoah said.

“Insomnia coming back?” Autumn asked. Her voice was a bit fainter than Zehriyah’s. It had less of a rough tone. It sounded more like a shy girl’s voice. Quiet, faint, a bit weak, but overall was in the mid range for pitch for a female's voice.

“More of a cramp in my lower back. Guess traveling is having its effect on me now.” Ahnoah said.

“You think massaging it a bit will help?” Autumn asked. Meanwhile, Zehriyah was struggling to cook the bacon and push Stardom away from the pancakes, trying to get an early picking at them.

“It might, though it should just go away in a bit of time,” Ahnoah said.

Throughout this little conversation, Zehriyah finished cooking bacon. Breakfast was now done, so the group could now serve themselves and discuss today’s plan of action. Zehriyah served herself second making sure that Stardom didn’t try to steal an extra pancake while she was up there. Zehriyah sat on her knees to eat. This was remaining from Ahnoah’s home country, Jhoto, where they kneeled rather than using chairs to sit. One by one, the group would get their breakfast and eat while a map was laid out in front of them, with Ahnoah discussing the plan of action.

“So Whyne said that the undercover Plasma truck should be over here? So if we are able to take it out we should see what this special cargo is.” Ahnoah said.

Whyne was Ahnoah’s little brother. He happened to make the wrong decision and joined Team Plasma, believing their lies. Ahnoah knocked it into his skull that they were lies, so now he is more of an undercover agent in order for Ahnoah to screw with them. The entire ideology that Team Plasma was based on conflicted with Ahnoah’s entire ideology, so naturally he had a profound hate for them.

“So here’s the plan. Autumn, is it possible to create some sort of thorns that could pierce tires?” Ahnoah asked.

“I think I can do that,” Autumn said.

“Alright, so when they go out to check, I want Zehriyah and Caesar to take out the trainers as fast as you can. Don’t give them time to react and start a fight. If so, then this should be easy. Whyne said they are trying to seem non-suspicious, so they shouldn’t have as much security.” Ahnoah said.

“So let's get moving after breakfast and get to our positions. If worse comes to worse, we got to battle it out with them, but I don’t think that will be a problem, right guys?”

They either nodded their head or replied with “right”. Everything was in place. Today was going to be a new chapter in Ahnoah’s life. Something much different than the average Joe. It was his destiny for this adventure. A journey of a lifetime.
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