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Takane Chibi - TATATARATA

by Atsuko-Chan

Atsuko-Chan Sorry to keep everyone waiting!!! But i still can't make requests... but anyway i will eventually post some draws, like this one: I my friend said that i'm like Takane of MekakuCity Actors ( it must be true, because i like games, animes and i'm little pretty ''cool''. So she is my favorite character, and i think i'm little tsundere too ( 0/////0 ) but not agressive at all. And seach for the music ''Sunset Yesterday'' from IA ♥, and Tatatarata!!!
  1. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    little Chibi Takane <3333 she's so adorables :'D
    Aug 28, 2015