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Tails vs Kid Flash

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Tails vs Kid Flash
As Tails sat on a mountain, crying over Sonic’s death against the Flash, a yellow blur zoomed past him. Tails grabbed it with his Magic Hand and saw a face he wanted to destroy with his arm cannon. The Flash. Well, actually it was just Wally West, Kid Flash, who yanked and tossed the Magic Hand away. Tails attacked Wally, who dodged and kicked Tails in the back. Tails shot blasts from his arm cannon, which Kid Flash countered with a few lightning punches. Kid Flash then ran behind Tails and punched him in the back, but was smacked by the fox’s twin tails. Kid Flash then created a tornado, which caught Tails who managed to get out by flying. Wally was shocked to see the animal fly, then quickly dodged falling bombs. Tails then got out a giant one and tossed it down, which Kid Flash caught with a tornado and sent it back up. Tails was blown down, then instantly got caught in a combo of lightning charged kicks and punches, then one solid kick that sent him flying. Tails landed on a tree, then got out and took his arm cannon out again. Kid Flash jumped down off the mountain to find Tails, but was instantly hit by an energy ball. Kid Flash was hit continuously until he was blown into the mountain by a bomb. Kid Flash dashed out like a lightning bolt and grabbed his foe’s tails, then slammed him down onto the ground. Kid Flash began spinning around so fast the animal genius felt like he would puke, then was tossed away. Kid Flash began punching him again, then ran at light speed, and he stole one of Tails’ bombs then placed it on his head. Kid Flash then stopped running at light speed, and Tails was blown up in the air. Kid Flash jumped up, charged one more lightning charged punch and nailed Tails’ back, breaking his spine. Tails landed on the ground, bleeding and dead. Kid Flash spun around, dancing a little then ran away. “One more thing! YOU’RE TOO SLOW!” Kid Flash teased and ran back to Central City.
This fight’s winner is:
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    Jul 10, 2015