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Sylve's Story: Sylve's Introduction

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper Just introducing the characters and plot
Sylve: Hi my name is Sylve I'm a fairy. I'm the 700th fairy in my family tree and this is my story.
Narrator: Once upon a time there were 2 fairy's that loved each other 5,000 years after their marriage they had a baby boy named Sylve and 10 years after his birth he grew his first pair of wings.
Pix: Son today you will be growing you're first pair of wings.
Sylve: Really that's AMAZING.
Fai: Don't forget today you'll be setting off on you're own journey two.
Sylve: I know mom.
Pix: Good over there is you're cocoon.
Sylve: Yes I guess this is where are path together ends?
Fai: I'm afraid so but we will always support you don't forget that.
Sylve: I won't.
Pix: Good and we hope you meet tons of friends.
Sylve: Thanks bye.
Fai and Pix: Bye Honey.
Narrator: Once Sylve hit ground his journey began.
Sylve: Ok time to meet the people of Earth and get friends.
Gamer: Hey who are you?
Sylve: My name is Sylve and I come from the king and queen of the fairy world.
Gamer: So you're a fairy and prince?
Sylve: I guess so what's you're name?
Gamer: My name is Gamer wanna come and meet my friends?
Sylve: Why not?
Gamer: Ok here they are that's the 12DoctorWho and that's Jazzy.
Sylve: Hi i'm Sylve.
Doctor: Hi.
Jazzy: Hi.
Doctor: AGH what is that sound that's like the 30th time today.
Sylve: It seems to be coming from the fridge.
Jazzy: Oh no the food.
Gamer: Aww it's sooooooo cute.
Jazzy: Destroy it the thing ate all the food.
Sylve: Wait I'll get some more food here.
Jazzy: How? You just pulled it from behind your back and you're not even wearing a bag.
Sylve: Magic.
Gamer: Also he's a fairy.
Jazzy: Catch it we can become rich with him.
Gamer: Wait Jazzy stop.
Jazzy: Why?
Gamer: That's mean and he's just like us human.
Jazzy: No he's a fairy and he can make stuff appear from behind his back.
Sylve: Any who ok Heal Pulse.
Sylve: Awww I'm gonna name you Lover11.
Gamer: That doesn't make sense but I really don't care.
Doctor: What's all the ruckus about?
Gamer: Sylve is a fairy and he healed the cat and gave us tons of new and good food because he's magic and Jazzy wants to catch him to become her slave.
Jazzy: No not just mine but all of us so we could become rich.
Doctor: Jazzy really he's new here and plus SYLVE is a fairy.
Sylve: Yeah and meet the new gang member Lover11.
Lover11: Meoooww.
Doctor: Awww he's so cute.
Sylve: Thanks.
*-------To be Continued-------*