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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 30

by Scrafty

Scrafty They reached the future dungeons after a long chat
Lucas: Here is the Golbat.
Golbat: this is like the 5th time.
Everyone: 5TH TIME!?
Moren: You let a FRICKIN Golbat gobble you into the future!? Your gross.
Lucas: I actually don't know what happens.
Daniel: Jacub is at home.
Lucas: :?No wonder?! He is such a p...
Daniel: Shut your pie hole!
Lucas: I have no pie hole cause I don't eat pies!!!
Moren: SHUT UP!!! If you arguing, I have to be in the arguement too
Sally: Stop yo!
Moren: No, yo ho!]
Sally: You rude little man, don't you dare use that language in front of me.
Moren: Apocalyspe!
Sally: Agh!!!!!!
Moren: Well she has fainted, and now I might have to hold her old body into the pokemon center.
Don: Da fuq!? Why the hell you faint a girl for preventing a huge argument.
Moren: :@No one tells me what to do, either gender.
Don: Genderless?
Moren: Even genderless.
Don: Even, legendaries!?
Moren: No dumb legendary will defeat. I defeated the weak Palkia.
Lucas: Yeah. (I seriously don't know how a non-legendary pokemon defeat a legendary pokemon.)
Moren: So are we going alltogether at once or one at a time.
Golbat: Do you think my mouth can fit all of you at once in there?
Moren: Your mouth is bigger than your backside so sure.
Golbat: Hey, I am not a much of a pussy cat as people think I am.
Moren: I defeated that tiny girl in one hit. What are you talking about.
Golbat: She doesn't seem too strong from my eyes.
Moren: Even if I hate that crap head, don't be sexist.
Golbat: If you want to get transported to the future, one at a time.
Lucas: I will go in there first.
Golbat: (Yeah, you taste terrible (for 2 seconds) poop.)
All transported 1 at a time....