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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 23

by Scrafty

Scrafty Normal old day
Lucas: Ugh! Morning guys!
Everyone: Morning.
Daniel: I am getting fruit loops.
Jacub: So am I bud.
Daniel: Let's go! I am starving to death.
After breakfast.
Moren: What quest do we have today... Help my baby, Tiun
Alex: Tiun! I love Tiuns
Moren: We have a quest on our hands that is pending on us. Lets go!
Alex: Let's save baby Tiuns!
Moren: Ok they are supposed to be around this area.
Jacub: Seems creepy.
Moren: Well get use to it. We are going to be doing scary, nice,quick,dangerous quests.
Jacub: I wish we had a day break again.
Daniel: You had a day break!? I am so unlucky!
Guy: Hey! Are you the resce team.
Moren: Yes we are.
Guy: My baby is been stolen by him.
Moren: These people are crazy, Ok! Let's go!
Alex: Let's save the Tiuns
Sally: Whatevs! I need to tan my skin to look beautiful like a gardevoir.
Don: Gardevoirs mainly come from a different region Sally.
Sally: Who cares?
Alex: There he is. Let's use extremespeed.
???: Ack!
<.>Lucas: That was sick!
Alex: Thank you!
Guy: Thanks for saving me baby!
Moren: What a never good damn successful day of a quest. I don't think Lucas and Don are annoying is they used to be you know. Hmmm....;)
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