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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 15

by Scrafty

Scrafty Holiday time
Sally: I am going to the beautiful California
Jacub: We only have 1 day. It will take more than one day to reach California
Sally: Texas is not that far from California
Jacub: Yes it is.
Sally: Well you have weak eyesight. Go Specsavers.
Jacub: Why don't you! LOL!!
Sally: I hate you soo much I can put you in a oven and kill you!
Jacub: Too far?!:-O
Don: Im going to the mall. I am going to buy a 3ds XL
Lucas: Pfft... That's lame.
Don: Well I am going.
Lucas: By nerd!:8B:
Don: Get your grammar right fatso!!
Lucas: Get your face right!
Don: You have no friends!
Lucas: Omg! Don is annoying! I hate him more than Moren!
Moren: What?!
Lucas: Nothing.
Moren: That is what I think.
Lucas: So were you going?
Moren: I am going to sleep.
Lucas: Well that's lazy?
Moren:>=OShut up! I need a break!! Well you are all going somewhere. Well I'm not.
Lucas: Who said I am going?
Moren: Oh hell Naw!
Lucas: Well hell yeah!
Moren: Oh hell get out before I smash you!!!
Lucas: Ok.:'| I need to not be such a wimp. Well where am I going to go? It's only a 1 day holiday. Can't go on any fun quests. Well... :?
Golbat: Hi.
Lucas: Ack! A large mouthed bat.
Golbat: My mouth's a portal. My tongue is the button to go teleport anywhere.
Lucas: I am not going into your damn mouth!
Golbat: Well if you don't want to go any where for a day.
Lucas: A day? Eh... Take me to E3 2016.
Golbat: We might have to teleport to the future.
Lucas: Only ONE DAY! OK! And don't trick me for getting eaten.
Golbat: I am not a gore guy yo. Well I was in Gen 1. Just get in my mouth!
And Lucas has been teleported to the future of E3 2016. Let's see what events are going to happen in the next chapter.
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