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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 12

by Scrafty

Sally comes back from Hawaii
Sally: Hey guys... who is this handsome man.
Picas: And who is this beauty.
Don: Our leader for now.
Picas: What is your name.
Sally: I am Sally from New York.
Picas: I am Picas from Pennsylvania. Can I share leaders with you.
Sally: O yeah.
Lucas: Unexpected! And awkward.
Later on...
Picas: We are going somewhere.
Sally: Can it be somewhere I want to go because I am the leader.
Picas: We are sharing being a leader.
Jacub: It should be Picas turn. Sally you already had your choice of going to Hawaii Beach. Plus he is new. Give him a chance and don't be a bossy boots.
Sally: :@
Picas: Let's go to vendredi forest.
Don: Do you mean Friday Forest.
Picas: Of course yo.
On the way...
Sally: I don't want to go here right now. I am one of those girls who like to show off style and fashion not in forests. We might have been on different expeditions but Moren the moron was the leader and he had to do it so.
Sally:.. Sorry!?
Picas: We are here!
Schnitzzel Help me there is a pokemon trying to rob me.
Don: Joseph!! Again!
Picas: My best friend!
Don: What da...!
Picas: Joseph how is it going buddy.
Joseph: Yuk!
Picas: Why are you stealing and why had you left my team.
Joseph:For Don and why are you with that hypocrit!
Don: Hey! Come here and eat my fist>=O!
Joseph: Do you think I am that dumb to just come close to you.:\=|:
Don: Uh... forget it. I give up;_;.
Joseph: Here Schnitzzel. I am sorry and am just vex from what happend the other day.
Schnitzzel: You twatty fat cat. I am not apologizing. You stole my tem in the first place. Think before you do.
Joseph: Ok! Bye.;_;
Don: I am happy now that he is gone.:blush:
Lucas: Where is our Dollars.
Joseph: Do we have to pay money. I have 5 cents.
Don: We will take all.
Joseph: Here and goodbye!
Back at home. I am fine.
Sally: That was a waist.
Don: Get your grammar right nanny!:p
Now we are going t skip to when Moren wakes up. See it in the next part bye:)
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