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Sword of Power-Return of the ring

by Ethan_Dakota

Ethan_Dakota a continuation of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the rings. want to find out more, then read the book. BTW: this is still a work in progress. please pm me about ideas.
Sword of power

Once upon a time in the land of Elgrif, a peaceful land inhabited by the Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Ents, and Men. One particular elf - living by himself, was orphaned at the age of 8, who was no older than 16, named Erantus - grabbed his bow and quiver and set off outside elgrif’s magic boundary to go hunting.

This was highly illegal because of all of the evil things living out there. Balrogs, orcs, goblins, urukhai, mûmak, and other kinds of horrible stuff lived in there, wanting to rip your heads off. But the animals were so easy to catch, and the fruits and berries were so big and juicy it was hard not to hunt there.

After an hour or two, he had caught three deer, five squirrels, ten fish, and got a basket of fruit, but oddly enough he saw no orcs, goblins, not even a mûmak. When he was done, he stopped at the river to get a drink. After that, he looked to the left and to the right, he saw an abandoned mine. While looking back into the river for another drink he found a gold ring.

He picked it up and hastily shoved into his pouch while walking briskly to the mine. Once inside he found a cart full of steel. Shoving the steel into his pouch, he gathered his things and ran to Elgrif’s forges.

Hurriedly, he rushed home with the food, metal and ring. He burst inside, set the food down and ran as fast as he could to the forges. When he arrived, his good friend Sozac, who was a stocky dwarf with long beard and mustache, he was a skilled blacksmith. Sozac greeted him and said, “Erantus, what a surprise, what can I do for you?” Erantus replies “I need your help to forge a sword out of these metals I found outside the boundaries” - Sozac and his other friends are the only ones who knows he hunts there- then he pulls out the metal. “Sure,” he says, “just hand me the metal, and come back in five hours.” Once Erantus gave him took the metal out a raspy voice, like finger nails scraping across a coffin, spoke in his head,

Forge the ring into the sword!

So he gave him the metal and the ring. Little did Erantus know that the ring was the ring of power, and when melted and fashioned into a sword, the sword became the most powerful weapon in all of the cosmos, “The Sword of Power”.

Erantus went home, ate rabbit stew, and slept for a few hours.

In his dream, he was on a volcano. On the volcano’s edge he saw a man made of shadows. The man turned, and he was made of all shadows. The only thing about him that wasn’t shadow was this necklace with a fiery eye in the charm’s middle.

The “shadow man” spoke to Erantus, “You will help me rise to power with your sword. When time is right, you will surrender your sword to add to my collection.” Erantus noticed him gesture to his sheath, which hadn’t been there before. He was gesturing to his single sword.

Then he attacked. Erantus pulled his sword, which had also appeared out of nowhere. It was a Broadsword as long as his leg. It had a gold, leather-bound handle.

Due to his lack of training, it wasn’t long before he was unarmed and on the floor with a sword at his throat. The “shadow man” took Erantus’s sword and held it to his own; he pushed the swords together and merged them. The result was a wicked blade 3 ft. long and radiated pure evil energy.

“Look around you,” said “shadow man” Erantus did sow and saw his friends dying, dead, or fighting for their lives against 10 legions of Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls.

As Erantus looked back at “shadow man”, the sword was pulled up and brought down with unnatural speed. 1 millimeter from death, he flew up in bed, covered in sweat. He left and headed to the forges.

It was a double-edged sword; the blade was about as long as his entire arm. The hilt was leather bound and the handle was made of gold. Into a custom made sheath it went. Erantus thanked Sozac and left for home. For dinner he had fish and fruits. Then he crawled into bed and slept.

The next morning, Erantus went to consult the Great wizard of the town, Gandalf the White. When Erantus arrived, Gandalf was smoking his pipe, making multi-colored smoke rings.

When Gandalf noticed Erantus, he said, “Come, come dear boy. What have you need knowledge of?” Erantus explained the dream, about the volcano, the war, the “shadow man”, the eye necklace, and how he made his sword with a gold ring.

With great worry in his eye, Gandalf requested to see the sword. Erantus drew his sword and handed the blade to Gandalf.

Gandalf examined the sword from every angle, opened an old, dusty book that read, “Doomsday Prophesies”.

Gandalf returned the sword to Erantus and explained that his sword was the prophesized “Sword of Power”. Gandalf explained the prophecy “One day, a great evil will rise again with the help of a man of shadows. And only the one who wields the sword of power, shall determine the fate of all.” Erantus replied saying, “No. That can’t be me. I’m a no one. I’m just a….”

Gandalf interjected and said, “you know it true, that sword radiates a powerful magic, a more powerful magic than I will ever gain.”

He explained that he must go unite the other clans to prepare for war. Then explained the swords magical properties of the sword. “Because this sword is magical sword it can do things no other sword can do like, it could change size to become the perfect length for the holder, in a need of desperation it could shoot fire out of its blade, and the blade turns a fiery-orange when orcs or goblins are near the holder. But there is a curse, Erantus, all people you inflict pain on with that sword, whatever pain they felt, you will experience that pain in your dream from whichever day it was. Now go!”

Just then, the sky turned blood red, and a menacing laugh could be heard. Gandalf , eye wide with shock, spoke and said, “Its too late,” with great fear in his eyes, he turned to face Erantus and said, “the end is here!”

End of part 1