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Super Smash Melee: Super Smash Melee: Luigi vs Diddy Kong

by Thieving Fox

Luigi walks through a grassy field, with his hammer swung around his shoulder. With two Toads following him, Luigi had gone on an adventure to save Princess Daisy, his love interest. Suddenly, a giant airship flew right above them with Bowser's face on it, and dropped a cage on to the ground.
Luigi, curious, walked over to the cage and looked inside. Suddenly, the cage began shaking violently, causing the Green Cladded Mario Brother to jump back, screaming ''Wo-oah!''. Suddenly, the cage opened up, and inside was......
A Banana?
Luigi, peckish, licked his lips and picked up the banana. He lifted his hand to peel the banana, but a rustle in the bush stopped him. The Italian looked to the bush, and shrugged, then went back to peeling, but Diddy Kong leapt out of the bush and latched onto Luigi's face. The two Toads yelped and ran away.
Luigi screamed, then yanked Diddy Kong off and tossed him away. Diddy Kong landed on his face and pulled out his Peanut Popgun. Luigi silently groaned, pulled his hammer of his shoulder and held it firmly.
Diddy Kong took a few shots from his guns, each peanut bouncing off Luigi's Hammer, which he swung to defend himself. The Kid Kong was not discouraged though, as he charged up a shot and let it go flying. This time, Luigi did not have time to react, and was hit in the face.
Luigi's face reddened from embarrassment and jumped high into the air, then dived down and swung. Diddy held his hands up as a means of blocking, but the hammer squished him into the ground. Diddy cartoonishly popped up and, angered, delivered a kick to Luigi's chest. The former carpenter replied with a punch to Diddy's face, who slapped Lugi across the cheek.
This continued at high speeds for a few more seconds until Luigi charged up a Thunder Hand and nailed Diddy into a tree. Diddy grunted, but then had an idea. The primate took out an orange and tossed it at Luigi. Luigi, not knowing any better, caught it and took a bite. However, what he didn't know was that it was an Orange BOMB, and it exploded in his face.
The second banana of Mario growled and took out a Fire Flower. Luigi's green shirt and cap flashed, then became white, while his overalls took the secondary color. Luigi began tossing green fireballs at Diddy, who threw more Orange Bombs as a counter. The fruit explosives had no effect, however, being burnt as soon as they made contact. Diddy yelped in fear, then was hit by the severals hot balls of plasma.
Diddy was pissed, and he pulled out his Rocketbarrel Jetpack to soar into the air. Despite his aggression, Diddy managed to target onto Luigi and shot a precise, charged burnt peanut at Luigi, which somehow soared through the flame knocked Luigi down. The ghostbuster's outfit returned to normal, but after pulling out a feather, a yellow cape appeared wrapped around his neck.
Luigi flew up and socked the Kong Island inhabitant in the face. Luigi spun around, and the cape hit him, causing a surprisingly big chunk of damage. Diddy decided to either go big or go home, and pulled out a Smash Ball.
Luigi yelped, as Diddy's eyes flashed red, then was barraged by multiple fiery peanuts. E.Gadd's assistant attempted to use his cape to protect him, but one peanut hit him in the leg, causing Luigi to fall over on his back, resulting in the rest of the salty snacks hitting him. Luigi had now lost the cape, and was groaning in pain.
Diddy had now began zooming around the sky, shooting everything insight. Luigi didn't know what to do except.....Do the same. Go BIG.
The second fiddle Star Child pulled a rather big yellow, red spotted mushroom, and ate it. Diddy, the power of the Smash Ball possessing him, had really just began shooting everything, destroying trees, caves, ect.
Diddy Kong was tapped on the shoulder, causing him to turn around and shoot a Peanut at whoever was there. However, it was actually Luigi. More specifically, a gigantic Luigi who was standing right in front of him. The peanut hit Luigi in the forehead, causing the cowardly sidekick to deliver a swift punch to Diddy Kong, sending him flying across the countryside.
The Kong Island Resident managed to retain balance, boosting the Rocketbarrel power, and launched back at Luigi, firing rapidly. Luigi charged up a Thunderhand and launched it as soon as his rival flew in to close range. And as soon as those attacks clashed, a huge explosion came into view.
Luigi quickly regained balance, still in his mega form, and ran at Diddy with another Thunderhand charged punch. However, as he ran, he began shrinking. The spider monkey gunner had transformed back into his normal form, and decided to ditch his popguns.
Diddy Kong grabbed an Orange Bomb and ran at Luigi with it in hand. And so, this was the end for one of the sidekicks. One of the capped crusaders. One of Nintendo's most adored- Oh boy, Luigi just slipped on a banana! Luigi had slipped on the banana from the very beginning, and fell flat onto the jungle grass.
Unfortunately for Luigi, he had probably broken something. Fortunately for Luigi, Diddy Kong had ran past him, not noticing him. Before Diddy did notice, his Orange Bomb had exploded along with him, launching the monkey into who knows where.
Luigi groaned, then picked a 1-Up mushroom out of his pocket and got back up, ready to continue his journey. WithOUT his Blue and Yellow hatted companions. However, in the jungle, someone was watching, laughing maniacally.
This Melee's Winner is:
(Luigi jumps up and pumps his fist, but falls on his face and groans)
Okay guys, that's our first OMM, please like and comment, next time:
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