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Super Heroes Chapter 1: New Heroes

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Again I made this months ago before i discovered this site. I do not claim ownership to the heroes i placed in here who were already created.
Before I begin this story let me tell you a few things. My name is Mike, but now everyone calls me Flame. I have super powers. They are super speed, super strength, I also and fire and ice powers. My partner is Britney, but everyone now calls her Sword Girl, but I call her my girlfriend. So let’s start this story.

I was in school when this strange person walked into the classroom. It was a `scientist, he wanted all of us to go out into the hall one person at a time. So we each did and when I went into the hallway I found out that it was a test to see if anyone had powers. When I got tested it was a positive for me. I was really surprised when that happened.

I had no more school for a while, But I didn’t know what powers I had or why they were taking me and to. Once I got there it was amazing. They took me to the one and only Tony Stark.

“Tony it’s a pleasure to meet you.”I blurted out.

“I’m sure it is, you can go scientists.”Tony said.

The scientists left and so it was me and Tony. I’m a bit surprised of me in the same building as Tony.

“What is your name kid?”Tony asked me

“Mike Skull.”I replied.

“Hi Mike, you will have super powers you just have to unlock them.”Tony said.

Then a girl walks into the room, looks like she’s about my age. She looks nice.

“I see that Britney is in here.”Tony said.

“Hi guys what’s going on?”She asked us.

“A kid is going to get powers.”Tony answered.

“Maybe we can team up when he gets his powers.”She replied.

I was amazed when she said that, in one day I found out that I’m getting powers then I will have a team mate.

“Hey do you want to know what your powers will be?” Tony asked me as Britney walked out of the room.

“Sure.”I answered.

“You will get super speed, super strength, ice and fire powers.”Tony replied.

“Whoa, how do I gain my powers?”I ask.

“Just wait, and in time you will.”Tony answered.

“What I don’t get it right now, aw man.”I said

“You will soon but I can train you to fight, with some help of course.”Tony announced.

“Who is the help?”I asked.

“Sonic, Flash, and Superman.”Tony replied.

“Whoa, when will they be here?”I asked.

“Now.”Tony answered.

Then out of nowhere sonic, The Flash, and Superman appeared. They were looking awesome, I wish I could join them. But I was happy right now being in their presence.

“Hey kiddo, ready to be a hero?”Superman asked me.

“Yeah I am!”I blurted out loudly with excitement.

“Calm down we are just here to train you.”Sonic announced.

There was silence for about 2 minutes. I couldn’t say anything because I was too excited to say anything. I mean come on, who wouldn’t get excited about super heroes right in front of you and you’re getting powers of your own.

“Well let’s start training.”Flash said.

“I think he has had a busy day, go to bed Mike, Britney show him to his room.”Tony said.

So she led me to my room, I saw the bed and I lay in the bed, and I passed out. In the morning I heard voices, sounded like Tony and his computer, Jarvis.

“Hey Tony, what’s wrong?”I asked.

“We got an emergency call, I will be right back.”Tony answered.

“But wait, what about my training?”I asked.

“We will when I get back.”Tony replied going out the door in his suit.

So I decided to train, I went to the track and ran it, pushing myself. Then I did a lap in 4 seconds. Must be my super speed power, I keep running and I keep doing 4 second laps. Then my watch lights up with a red screen. Then it says Tony and other heroes captured. Britney walks into the room.

“Ready to save the heroes?”She asked me.

“Let’s go.”I replied.

We left Tony’s home and went to where the enemy is.

“Surrender enemy and prepare to fight!”Britney said.

“Lets see if you can defeat me.”The enemy said.

“We will.”Britney said.

She brought out the things that was on her back which is swords, cool. I don’t know how to fight, I just know about my super speed. Maybe I can trip them up.

“What powers have you unlocked?”Britney asked me.

“Super speed.”I replied.

“We can use that, I will take care of robots and you take c are of hentchmen.”She told me.

“I do have brains, I got this.”I replied.

She started slicing robots in half, then I saw ropes. I thought I could tie up the men. So I did just that, I tied up all men in one minute. Once I was done Britney was done.

“Nice work, you should have knocked them out though.”She said.

“I haven’t got to start fighting training.”I replied.

“Good point, you will get trained though.”She said.

“Nice job, but you won’t defeat me with weakness.”Enemy announced.

“We can try.”I said.

He deafeated us almost, well he did defeat Britney. But not me, I was on the ground but I got up. One hand was on fire and the other was life flames but was ice color.

“Good will always rise over evil!”I said loudly.

“How can this be possible, I defeated you!”Enemy exclimated.

“Good can never be defeated, evil will never rule.”I added

“You shall be defeated!”Enemy yelled.

I hold up my have and a fire ball shot out of it, I hold up other hand and an ice ball gets shot out of it. So I keep going and I run around him with my super speed.

“How can this be happening?”Enemy asked.

“Like I said, good always defeats evil.”I replied.

Then I power punched the enemy and he went flying high into air and he was knocked out.

“Nice job, but where are the heros?”She asked me.

“Over here dummies.”Tony announced

“Oh sorry.”I replied.

So we set all of the heroes free and we went back to Tony’s home. I didn’t know how he would react about us fighting a super villain when we are still training.

“Thanks, I knew you would gain your powers soon.”Tony said.

“Thanks.”Britney and I both said together.

“I guess we are partners.”Britney said.

“There is something I always wanted to do since I saw you the first time.”I announced.

“What is it?”She asked.

I got her close to me and kissed her on the lips. After about a couple of minutes she was kissing me back. We then were kissing for like 5 minutes, then we stopped and looked at each other.

“I love you.”I finally said.

“Lets get to know each other first.”She replied.

“Alright.”I said.

So after a few months of getting to know each other we became a couple. So that was the story of how I became a hero and how I got a partner in crime and a girlfriend.
To Be Continued....
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