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Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction): Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction) Chapter 1: Introductions

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat The first batch of troopers for the Contingent are introduced, as well as the leader of the Contingent.
~Author's Note: Greetings, dear readers. DudeWithAnAfro (here it's Eevee E), here. If this isn't your first Fanfiction, and I doubt it is, then you may see a few bits of inspiration I took from a certain Mass Effect Fanfiction, as well as a few others. If this actually does happen to be your first Fanfiction, I am flattered you chose mine to begin your journey.

I'll accept OCs for the Fanfiction. However, keep this in mind. By submitting your OC, it is possible he or she will die. If you still want to submit your character, then message me here on Wattpad (Pokecharms here) with any physical differences if they're a clone (If not a clone, just a physical description), whether or not they're a clone, their class of clone (ARCs, RCs, etc.), number and name, armor appearance, their reason for being put in to the contingent (Usually a catastrophic event causing the death of most of their unit), their skill set, and their weaponry and equipment. Also, as of right now, the Clones still have Phase 1 armor. They'll transition to Phase 2 soon.~

This was put in exclusively for Pokecharms. This fanfic was originally uploaded via Wattpad, still by me. If you don't believe me, find it on there. I literally created an "Announcement" chapter so people knew it was me. If you want to check it out on Wattpad, my user on there is "DudeWithAnAfro."~


21BBY, Muunilinst System, LAAT/i En route to Venator-Class Star Destroyer"Rebound" From Muunilinst's Surface

Alpha-18 observed the group of clones before him. Just as he had intended the Contingent to be, they varied. There were a few 'normal' Clone Troopers. If anybody in the Contingent could be called normal. He spotted a few ARC Troopers, and even a Commando. There was even a Volunteer, in the back. Usually don't see too many of them. Didn't volunteer for this, though. Gambit grimly thought to himself. Originally, he had only put forth the names as recommendations, but found out later that if someone he'd recommended hadn't found a Legion soon, they'd be forced to be integrated in to the Contingent. All the Clones on board accepted the offer almost instantly, but the Volunteer in the back, she'd been a victim of forced integration.

I guess it doesn't matter much at this point, huh? He stopped that train of thought, and focused on the troopers before him. To be specific, there were six troopers. The Volunteer, a Commando, two ARCs, and two normal Clone Troopers. The commando wore standard issue commando armor, save for the painting on it. His armor was painted predominantly black, with random splotches of blue. The two CTs wore standard clone armor, except their armor was dirty. One of them even had a few scorch marks on his armor. The one with the scorch marks also had 212th markings. Then came the ARCs. One of them wore standard ARC Armor, with some grey markings, and a grey kama and pauldron. The other's armor was a bit more modified. Since their unit consisted completely of combat experienced soldiers, and because Gambit could be persuasive, the Suicide Contingent was granted different equipment, and were allowed to modify their armor. Some of the modifications, unbeknownst to the higher-ups, weren't exactly legal. Because Gambit knew his way around modified armor, it wasn't hard to pick out such modifications on the ARC's armor.

The modified ARC Trooper had blue stripes along his arms and a splash of blue on his helmet. He wore a peanut brown scarf, tied completely around his neck and shoulders. On his right shoulder, he wore a bandolier that went across his stomach, stopping by his hip. The ARC Trooper had a black kama with a blue trim. Instead of a rangefinder, like most ARCs (including Gambit) had, he wore a pair of helmet-mounted electrobinoculars.

That left the volunteer. She was, obviously, a volunteer, a normal Human. Honestly, he was surprised, especially given her supposed personality from her file, that her armor wasn't really customized. She wore grey armor, standard of the 104th. Given her supposed personality, he'd assumed she would've customized her armor to the point that it was similar to the modified ARC Trooper he had observed earlier. She had her helmet off, so he could see her facial features, too. Ice blue eyes, black hair tied up in a ponytail, pale face. Her armor, like all the others', was dirty.

That left himself. Gambit wore standard ARC Armor, himself, for the most part. He had a few modifications, such as a vibro-knife on both of his wrists, not dissimilar to that of the Commandos. On his left arm, he had a wrist-mounted grappling hook, as well. He had a white kama with a red trim. He also wore a red pauldron, and had a rangefinder attached to his helmet. Like him, all the troopers wore Phase 1 armor. The Phase 2 variation had been introduced, but the Contingent hadn't received armor for themselves, yet. Gambit had the standard red markings of a Captain, as well as Jaig eyes painted onto his helmet. As for weapons, the Alpha carried a DC15A Blaster Rifle, which had a strap he added on to it, and had an underbarrel grenade launcher. Of course, like many Captains, Gambit had twin DC17 Sidearm Blaster Pistols in holsters attached to his kama. His DC15A was also modified to where he could fire either semi-auto or full auto whenever he wished.

As the LAAT neared the Rebound, Alpha-18 finally spoke up. "Now, I already know who you all are, and you all know who I am. However, I'd like it if you all introduced yourselves to each other. While you're out on the operations we send you out on, I'd imagine it would be reassuring to know that you know the person watching your six." The Alpha recommended. "Any takers?" He asked, looking around at the troopers. "Ah, the hell. I'll go first." The ARC with the heavily modified armor volunteered, walking in front of the others. He turned, and looked at the other Contingent members. "My identification is ARC-9903, and I am the rank of Lieutenant. My brothers who knew me called me 'Casey.' I was a part of Talon Platoon in the 501st Legion. My combat specialties involve sniping, providing cover fire, and infiltration." Casey finished, his hands behind his back.

"I'll go next." The Commando called, raising his hand lazily. As he walked to the front of the others, Casey went back to where he had been standing previously. "I was given the identification number of RC-1004/4906," The Commando began. "I was a part of Ghost Squad, where my brothers called me 'Kicker,' because of the fact I was better than them in Mandalorian hand to hand combat, especially in moves involving kicking. My specialties include Mandalorian martial arts, hacking, assault, search and destroy," Kicker paused, "and I'm also quite a funny person, if I do say so myself. Ya ever wonder why astromech droids talk in beeps? It's because everything they say is too vulgar." He quipped, getting a few chuckles, and even a smirk from the volunteer in the back. As Kicker moved back to where he had been, the clone in the 212th armor raised his hand, then, after a nod from Gambit, moved up to where Casey and Kicker had stood. "My nickname is called 'Clanker,' 'cuz I specialize repairing vehicles, such as AT-RTs and AT-TEs. I'm also fairly adept at computers, and know my way around turrets and the like. Unfortunately, I'd be more help behind the front lines. My rank is Gunnery Sergeant." Clanker finished, rather quickly.

"Next?" Gambit asked. "I will." Came the feminine reply. The volunteer in the back had finally spoken up. "I'll speak for him, too." She nodded to the other ARC as she stood up. While the other clones were confused for a moment, Gambit already knew why. "My name is Reyna Mistrider, and I'm from Nar Shaddaa. That's Killzone." She stated, nodding to the grey ARC upon calling his nickname. "My rank is that of Corporal, and Killzone is a Warrant Officer. Both myself and the W.O. were members of the 104th before being transferred to the Contingent. Killzone specializes in sniping, painting targets, and hand to hand combat. He's also a bit of a mute. I specialize in assault, search and destroy, and forward recon." Reyna concluded, and moved back to the crates in the back, from where she had been sitting before.

Gambit gave a nod, and the last trooper walked up to the standing spot, as Gambit had started mentally calling it. "My name, to my brothers, is 'Manka.' I was part of a group stationed on an old listening outpost, legionless. I survived a C.I.S. Attack, alone, and afterwards was told I was requested to join the Contingent. My specialties are forward recon and assault. My rank is Private." Manka disclosed. Alpha-18 could tell that the Private was nervous, being the lowest rank on the LAAT, as well as being the last person to introduce themselves. "Very well. Unfortunately, the Rebound is already tasked to capacity, and there's no room in the bunks for you all. However, an area of the hangar was cleared for you all to set up comfortable living arrangements. Most of the Alphas overseeing the Contingent, including myself, are also sleeping in that area of the ship. Any questions?" Gambit asked, looking around at the troopers. "I got one." Reyna called, raising her hand. "When will our first operation be?" She asked. "It will be within twenty-four hours. Anything else? No? Alright. The LAAT is landing now. Find somewhere to set up your personal space, and relax. If you're chosen for this first operation, you'll need your rest."
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