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You + Pokemon: Sudowoodo: Just Stay Put

by ChampionZ_Pearl

ChampionZ_Pearl As you headed over to Ecruteak for your 4th gym badge from the ghost type gym leader, Morty, you stopped a little on the route to pick up some berries. In the meantime, you discovered a familiar tree. Everywhere you went this tree was there. Trees didn't move ...did they? Was it even a tree?

As you walk along the route, you notice a spot filled with berries and apricorns. You checked your bag for space and noticed that you needed some Oran Berries as well. Coincidentally, there were a few up ahead. You jog over picking off the Oran Berries one by one, leaving some for any pokemon nearby. You grab a few apricorns so that you may take them back to Kurt one day.

Before you walk away, you hear rustling. You stop in your tracks and look behind you. There was a random...tree. Was that always there before? You thought to yourself. With bad memory, it didn't help. You shrug it off and keep walking.

While you walked you hear a rock get kicked. Assuming it was a pokemon, you turn to see what it was....it was that random tree...AGAIN!

You: Trees don't move. I'm pretty sure. Hmm...

You walk over to the tree carefully. You poke it to see any movement. Nothing. You sighed. If this was tree, it would need water. You grab a bottle of water and pour it out on the tree.

The tree starts to shake around and cry out! It was MOVING! Trees didn't move!!!

You: What the!!!!

Sudowoodo: Sudo Sudo Woodo!!!!! (AH! THE WATER!!!!)

You: What the heck are you?!

Your pokedex falls out of your pocket and activates. It immediately identifies the strange tree pokemon.

Pokedex: SUDOWOODO THE IMITATION POKEMON- Although it camouflages itself as a tree in order to avoid being attacked, its body is actually more like a rock than a plant. It hates water and disappears when it rains.

You: A Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo: SudoSudoWoodo!!!!(Oh no, I'm drenched!!!)

The pokemon flails around complaining about it being soaked in water. You get up and dust yourself off. You ask it:

You: Why were you following me?!

The Sudowoodo looks up at you. It approaches you with a determined look. It points at you. Then it makes the gesture of you being strong as its arms are hefted up like Sudowoodo had some biceps. Then it points to itself and shakes its head. It slouches around gesturing it was wimpy. You got the message.

You: You...You think I'm strong?

Sudowoodo: Sudo Woodo! (Yeah!)

You never saw yourself as a very strong trainer. It took you two tries to beat Falkner, another 2 for Bugsy , and 4 for Whitney. When it came to gym battles, you weren't the very best.
Your brain flashes an image. Another familiar tree from everywhere you went. From Violet City to Goldenrod, you felt like you were being followed. Now you realized! This was that same tree! But then you also realized-

You: You've been following me this WHOLE TIME?

Sudowoodo: Sudo Sudo Woodo! (Yup!)

You: Why didn't you show yourself before then?

Sudowoodo: Sudowoodo! (It's scary!)

You: I never thought myself to be intimidating in any way...

You take out a special ball that you got from Kurt. It was a Friend Ball you got from him a while back. You look at it then to Sudowoodo. You sigh and put it away.

You: Well, it was...nice meeting you Sudowoodo so go run off and do whatever Sudowoodo's do.

You start to back away and then just powerwalk to Ecruteak. As you reach the city, you catch your breath. As you get up, you're face to face with that Sudowoodo!!!

Sudowoodo: Sudooooowooodoooo!(I'm baaaaack!)

You: Ah!!! How'd you get here?!

Sudowoodo points to the other gate. You sighed and your stupidity to take the same route.

You: What do you want?!

Sudowoodo: Sudo! (Battle!)

You: Man, just stay put. I just need to buy some...POKEBALLS! Yeah...

Sudowoodo: Sudo? (What?)

You began to walk away from the Sudowoodo and ran to the nearest building for "safety": the Ecruteak gym. As you ran inside, you bumped into Morty, the gym leader.

You: OOMPH! S-Sorry!

Morty: Oh! Hey! You a challenger?

You: Y-Yeah. Are you Morty?

Morty: Um, yeah. Were you running?

You: YES!!!

Morty: From something?

You: YES!!!

Morty: From what?

You: THAT!!!

You attempt to point at the Sudowoodo outside, but it seemed to disappear! You look around and then see it come into the gym. It spots you and dashes to your side with a brave face and salute.

You: What do you want from me?!

Sudowoodo: Sudowoodo! (BATTLE!)

You: Stop following me!

Morty: I believe Sudowoodo wants you to be his trainer.

You: Huh?

Sudowoodo: Woodo! (YEAH!)

You: Are you...serious?

Sudowoodo gives a confident nods and strikes a pose. YOu cringed a bit and take out your Friend Ball from Kurt.

You: You...want me to catch you?

Sudowoodo: SUDO! (YES!)

You: (sighs) Fine. . .

You mumbled to yourself and attempt to catch Sudowoodo.

You: Go, Friend Ball....

The Friend Ball encases Sudowoodo and it's an instant capture. You minimally cheered to yourself and stared at the ball. Morty advised you-

Morty: I think you two will be good friends.

You: Well, he better stay put then...


You: Sudowoodo! USE SUCKER PUNCH!!!

Sudowoodo: SUDO!!!

Sudowoodo's arm raises in the air and swings forward to knock out Morty's Gengar. Morty's Gengar takes a critical hit! It faints , fatigued from Sudowoodo's heavy punches and swings.

Referee: Gengar has been defeated! (y/n) WINS!

You: YEAH!

Sudowoodo: SUDOWOODO!!!

Gengar returns to its pokeball and Morty approaches you with the badge. As you put it away in your case, Morty reminded you-

Morty: Didn't I say you two were going to be good friends?

You look over at Sudowoodo who was striking some poses and waves at you. You wave back with a satisfied smile. You respond to Morty.

You: Yeah, he just couldn't stay put you know?

Sudowoodo never did stay put like you thought. He always moved around and went all out. Reminded of you no matter how YOU fought. But I guess you were somehow fine with that. You didn't mind Sudowoodo not staying put. It was okay. It was perfect even.
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  1. ChampionZ_Pearl
    Mar 4, 2016
  2. LokaMocha
    This is awesome! I love Sudowoodo, this makes me love it even more! :)
    Mar 3, 2016
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