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Lealista Clan: Styx's Den

by Rainbowditto

You have been traveling in the Wandering Contagion for about a week. Your feet are tired, and your throat was dry. It's not like there isn't any water, but the water is simply undrinkable. That's when you trip and fall off of a cliff. The dingy dirt flies fast your vision before you come crashing to the ground. Spitting up dirt, you see a dragon emerge from the shadows. She has a helmet on, and her wings are pierced with darksteel bangles. Gauntlets and wristbands decorate her talons, and she doesn't looked pleased to see you. "Trespasser!" She barks at you, kneeling into a battle position. You flinch, and hold up your hands, showing her that you mean no harm. She squints at you from behind her helmet and flicks her wings tighter behind herself. It looks like she can't turn you away, however, and with a grunt she motions for you to follow her. Dumbstruck, you blink and follow her into the shadows beyond where you stood. As you continue to follow her, you notice that small lanterns have been hung on the walls around you. As you continue, the lanterns multiply and soon some of them are lit. The dragon leading you is silent, and the only noise between you two is the sound of talons tapping on stone. Wait, stone? Last you checked, you were on dirt. You don't have time to ponder the sudden change in flooring, however, because it seems you've reached your destination. The dragon opens a tall door with a huff, and turned to you. "Enter!" She barks at you, and you comply quickly. The inside of the room is in the shape of an oval and shattered stain glass windows lay on the walls. The dragon who was leading you takes off her helmet and tosses it to the side, letting it crunch in the broken glass on the floor. Her gauntlets stay on, but at least you can see her face now. She looks at you, four eyes glaring at you as you shuffle across the floor. She huffs and leads you onward to a hole in the wall with a loose cloth draped over the entrance. Inside the cloth-door is a damp and dark room. The distant smell of decay wafts into your nose, and your stomach retches. It's one of the most foul scent you've ever smelt, but you're pretty sure that if you mention something to the female she'll rip your head off of your neck. "Sit." she commands, and you take a seat on the oddly warm, wet floor. She grumbles and walks around you slowly, inspecting your entire body. It makes you uncomfortable, but again, rudeness is not an option for you right now. She grunts and walks out. "Stay, and if you touch my nest I'll end you before you could even say 'sorry'" You're beginning to feel as if you're not welcome here...