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the 4 legends: steven's adventer: the begining

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
this is the story of Steven

it was a dark night when a young boy called Steven was living with his friends at the kalos region.
he was a handsome 12 year old in a suit for it was the last thing he had to remember his parents with.
1 day he was adopted by a man known as the bear master for his bear like Pokémon
he gave him a purple cape and his first Pokémon, charmander.

HE was the 1 to feed him, dress him, train him and LOVE HIM
he was the only 1 to listen to him

1 day when he was reading about master balls
he came in

bear lord: Steven there you are I have been searching for you
I have good news, you are going to be a poke master

Steven: really? thank you!

bear lord: your welcome, now take this scythe and go on you adventure!
(to be continued)
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