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Stat Stadium Wario Stats

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Bolt and Screwball research Wario, the Yellow Capped Troll Plumber.
Bolt: Wario is Mario's anti hero opposite. He is stronger than Mario, has beaten Bowser, lifted King Bomb Omb, who ways more than Bowser, who is pretty damn heavy. Screwball: Wario isn't so speedy though. But, his vehicle, the Wario Bike!!! Bolt: The Wario Bike can break the sound barrier, and can be summoned out of nowhere. Screwball: That's what I call a motorcycle!! Wario's abilities aren't over there, though. He can smash into foes with his elbows, spin like a plane for an extra jump, and strangest of all, his gigantic teeth. They have been proven to be able to chomp through Bowser's shell! Bolt: Wario has a variety of different power ups, too. By using them, Wario can become Smart Wario, Dragon Wario, Space Wario, Bull Wario, Sparky Wario, Arty Wario or Sneak Wario. Smart Wario can use a giant metal extendable hand, Dragon Wario can fly, breathe fire, and resists fire, as well. Screwball: Space Wario can fly, and has an awesome ray gun! Bull Wario increases his already ultra strength, and his horns inflict big damage. Bolt: Sparky Wario can light up dark rooms, and shocks enemies. Arty Wario isn't used for offense, but rather can heal Wario. Screwball: And finally, Sneak Wario can fly. Boooorrrring!!!!!!!! Still, our(Bolt's) research shows that Wario is stronger and smarter than Knuck- Wario: Shuddap! It's my turn to shine!!! It's-a Wario time! Wahahahahahaha!!!!!