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My Fakemon: Starters Redone (Not finished)

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer The names and types are the same, moves and others have changed a bit. This is the edited version of the original one.
Fire starter:
Name: Blaze
Species: fire dog
Type: Fire
starter- Scratch (Normal)
starter- Growl (Normal)
5- Ember (Fire)
7- Smokescreen (Normal)
10- Quick Attack (Normal)
14- Flame Wheel (Fire)
Level up to level 16 to evolve
Name: Blaze Hound
Species: Fire Hound
Type: Fire

19- Double Team (Normal)
25- Thunder Shock (Electric)
30- Flame Charge (Fire)
Level up to level 35 to evolve
Name: Electric-Blaze
Species: Fire and electric Hound
Type: Fire and Electric
37- Swift (Normal)
40- Flamethrower (Normal)
45- Thunderbolt (Electric)
54- Inferno (Fire)
60- Electro Ball (Electric)

Water Starter:
Name: Flamingoo
Species: small Water Bird
Type: Water/Flying
starter- Tackle (Normal)
5- Water Gun (Water)
10- Wing Attack (Flying)
16- Water Pulse (Water)
Level up to level 16 to evolve
Name: Flamingoa
Species: Medium sized water bird
Type: Water/Flying

21- Aerial Ace (Flying)
28- Bubble Beam (Water)
34- Aqua Ring (Water)
Level up to level 40 to evolve
Name: Flamango
Species: Giant Water Bird
Type: Water/Flying

Grass Starter:
Name: Leechat
Species: Grass Cat
Type: Grass

Name: Bladat
Species: Bigger Green cat
Type: Grass

Name: Blade
Species: Giant green cat
Type: Grass/Fighting
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