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Starring Sally J. Freeman as HERSELF-Prologue Part 1

by Strange Tiffany

Strange Tiffany When her family moves to Miami Beach for the winter of 1974, Sally is excited and nervous at the same time. It will be a new adventure, but how often will she see her father who has to stay in New Jersey to work? What will school be like in Florida, and will she make new friends? These worries don't stop Sally from creating her wonderful stories. One minute she is a famous movie star or a brilliant detective; the next she's found the Latin love of her dreams - her classmate Peter Hornstein. The war just ended in Europe and seem far away- except that old Mr. Zavodsky looks suspiciously like Hitler in disguise. There are so many things to worry and wonder about. But whatever happens, Sally's year in Miami Beach will be absolutely unforgettable!
"Can I have another jelly sandwich?" Sally asked her grandmother, Ma Fanny. They were in the kitchen of the rooming house, sitting on opposite sides of the big wooden table. "Such big eyes!" Ma Fanny said laughing. "You still have half a sandwich left." "I know, but it's so good!" Sally licked the jelly from the corners of her mouth. " I could eat twenty sandwiches, at least." "Only twenty?" "Maybe twenty-one," Sally said. "Why don't you make yourself a jelly sandwich too... and if you can't finish it, I will." " I should eat jelly and have heartburn all night?" Ma Fanny asked. "Jelly gives you heartburn?" " I'm sorry to say... Ma Fanny turned on the radio. Bing Crosby was singing . Sally hummed along with him.