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by Jack Steele

Jack Steele My very own Pokemon Fan Story
The Story about Starchus. once upon a time there was a little girl and her Starchu Rainbowstar and they live on a plant in outer space. There the best of friends and had lots of fun playing games, that was untill a mean old which that also lived on the plant too. and she wanted the little girl's Starchu all to herself.so the which when up to the little girl and said, give me your Starchu now !!!, and the girl said no !!!!. so the girl and which stared to pull on the Starchu back and forth, until was two Starchus, now there to types of Starchu, one that is good and one that is evil.
and because of all this, the two Starchus stared to battle and so did the girl and the which, it was a long hard battle. and in the end of all both sides passed away. but not befor the girl and the which had put there Starchus in boxes called Starboxes and thoug them in to space!!!
now afer a very long time, the Starboxes filled to earth for you to find take care of and to love.so which side will you choose !!! the good side or the evil side !!! Starchus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!