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SSB-X Yang vs Ben

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Yang vs Ben in a ssbx duel
Yang was riding on her bike Bumblebee, she had to go get somethings for her and her team. But little did she know, it would quickly turn into a street fight...
There! That's everything, time to head ba-
When she notices, people running
Yang: Wonder what that's about?
She rushes, and sees a giant fish like creature
Ripjaws: Hey! where's everybody going? Surf's up dudes!
Yang rushes, and readies in a fighting stance.
Yang: Ok you... Grimm thing! Prepare to get fried!
Ripjaws starts to laugh
Ripjaws: Look lady, I don't know what a "Grimm" is, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who would get my butt whooped.
Yang: That's it! I'm taking you down fishface"!
Yang lunges at Ripjaws with full force, throwing punches at furious sppeds, and knocking him into the water

Yang: Looks like your all washed up fishface!

Ripjaws spits out some water

Ripjaws: Ok Lady, you got one last chance to walk away or else!
Yang: Or else what?

Ripjaws get's out of the water, and turns back into Ben:

Ben: aw! Come on!
Yang starts to laugh
Yang: Hahaha :D and all this time, I thought you were something actually serious!
:D Your so cute!
*Pats his head*
Ben: Hey! who are you calling...
*Then gets an idea, and smirks*
Ben: Yup, just a little kid, that's me...
*The Omnitrix flashes green*
Yang: wait... what's that?
Ben: Your wake up call!
*Slaps the Omnitrix*

Four arms: It's SO Hero time!
Four arms swings at Yang, but she easily dodgess the punches,
Yang: That all you got big boy?
Four Arms: Ok, you asked for it!
Four arms lifts a boulder, and tries to smash her with it, as she dodges, she notices a tiny strand of her hair dangling in the air, this gave four arms enough time, and threw the boulder at her.

Four arms: And that's what happens when you mess with Ben 10!

*Suddenly, the boulder went high in the air, four arms turned around, and saw Yang there, with fiery red eyes*
Four arms: Oh.. that's bad!
Yang flew at a blazing speed at punched him so far, he crashed into a building, then transformed back.
Ben: ow! Ok, you win
*After a while when Yang calmed down...
Ben: My name's Ben tennysson!
Yang: Name's Yang! If you want, you can come with me
Ben: Alright!
They get on bumblebee, and ride back to beacon,
Yang: BTW, you have got to show me how to do that monster trick sometime :)
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    Nov 29, 2016
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  2. betamagnamonX3
    @SuperYang10 i have not seen it yet...maybe you need some destroyah pics or magnamon pics
    May 18, 2016
  3. NerdyNinja
    Sure :)
    May 13, 2016
  4. betamagnamonX3
    can you do destroyah vs magnamon?
    May 13, 2016