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SQRL (Happy Birthday, Katie!)

by StellarWind Elsydeon

StellarWind Elsydeon The 18th rolled in on my side of the world - and that means it's the one and only @Linkachu's birthday! ^^

And since the Linkachu in question is very fond of dogs and is also quite fond of Silvally... I suddenly had the clear mental image of the thing doing the goofy dog thing and chasing a squirrel (or rather a Pachirisu) with its owner/trainer/whatever holding on to the leash for dear life - and I had the feeling she'd also get a kick out of it.

So yeah, happy birthday, Katie ♥ Have a good one~
  1. Aon Leigheas
    Aon Leigheas
    I still can't get over how cute Katie looks in this. That face~ ♥
    Dec 18, 2016