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Spring Comes

by Vin

Vin This I wrote last night, tho I already had it posted on my Wattpad account(www.wattpad.com/user/Vinumbreon)
From yawning darkness comes a light,
From icy depths comes a warmth,
From shattered dreams comes a pulse,
For with which i can survive.
The longing need to fill the void,
An ache within that consumes,
Leaving bare my soul,
To the takeing of last breath.
Cushioned I was,
By frost and snow,
That embers of my shattered heart,
Barely seemed to glow.
Yet spring does come,
Warming slow and gently,
Waking old beasts and young loves,
And old wounds for all to see.
I know not what to do,
Yet is like trying to breathe.
Though doomed i was to be,
You have ore than set me free.
  1. Vin
    thank you for al the reads
    May 30, 2014