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Spooky Animation

by Spooky Sploosh

Spooky Sploosh I look over creepy and or crappy animation that you may or may not know of. I regret watching 90% of it all .
So I watch a lot of animation and have developed a taste for certain aspects and styles many approach. Of course before I got here I had to go through many phases and see...many things. Some works of animation have given me literal nightmares or left my jaw on the floor. Others...suck. That's what I'm here to do; analyze a certain show or movie based on how it either left me with an uncomfortable feeling, or was just terrible. A few rules and warnings.

1. If you have heard of these shows or movies and disagree with my opinion, well good for you. Most of the shows I will talk about I do enjoy and make fun of because of how they left me.
2. I will mostly refrain from anime as they are a completely different genre. But when I do mention a show here...oh boy will it be something. The same goes for internet series or shorts.
3. While most of the works I will talk about are kid friendly (too an extent), some may reach beyond the R rating. So beware of what you will witness later on.

So why don't we start off simple like...a movie! A cute movie about cute bunnies and-
[​IMG] Scuse me?

Oh...oh noooo...
Rated PG my ass.

So uh... Watership down is indeed a movie about bunnies. Cute harmless bunnies. But what's the plot? Well it involves MURDER. Blood, gore, somewhat religious symbolism with Hazel, and did I mention murder? Yeah...the marketing for this film was targeted towards kids, and of course no child would have read the novel it was oh so faithfully adapted from.

Luckily for me I already knew this film was NOT kid friendly, and was expecting to watch rabbits maim each other and tons of gore. It's kind of weird how the first entry to this series I would recommend. I mean if you love animals dearly, back away from this film at all cost. But other than watching the fields turn red and dead rabbits, the animation is beautiful and captures the English countryside perfectly. It's one of my favorite films of all time and I sure as hell won't forget what I saw in this.

Next time: something crappy maybe, I don't know. None of this is scripted.