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Sonic Forces: The War Begins

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma A little story I decided to make. This is my retelling of the beginning of Sonic Forces in the way I think it should go. I might make a series based on Sonic Forces if you guys want it, but for now this is a one-shot. Hope you enjoy!
A raucous laughter went out, and all the people attending the wedding ceremony heard it loud and clear. The bride and groom – a Coyote and a Rabbit – were shocked as several Egg Pawns landed around them. Other party guests found themselves in a similar situation, all being held at gunpoint by the robots. From the ship above, Eggman descended in his Egg Mobile. “Sorry to be a wedding crasher.” Eggman said with a smile. “But I’m afraid I have matters that simply can’t wait. Where’s the mayor? I know he’s attending this party.”
“I-I’m here.” A coyote with a mustache said, stepping forwards. “This is my town. Now what do you want?”
“What I want is for your town to be officially inducted into the Eggman Empire!” Robotnik responded, adjusting his glasses. “And I won’t take no for an answer. Allow me to show you an example of what will happen if you fail to comply.” Eggman snapped his fingers, and Metal Sonic landed harshly on the ground. A roboticizer was with him. Metal walked over to the Rabbit and threw her into the machine, activating it.
“Bunnie!” the groom shouted, attempting to run to help her before getting held in the air by Metal Sonic, threatening to choke him.
“You have about ten seconds before the Rabbit becomes a Rab-BOT.” Eggman said. “About as much time as it will take Metal Sonic to choke – he’s your son, right, because the resemblance is uncanny – to death. Make your choice quickly!” As he said this, half of the rabbit was already mechanized and the coyote was gasping for breath.
“FINE, WE’LL JOIN THE EMPIRE! JUST LET THEM GO!” the mayor shouted, scared for the life of his son and daughter-in-law.
“Good. Metal, let them go.” Eggman smiled, and Metal deactivated the machine as he released the groom. The bride was already half-robot, and stumbled out as the capsule opened. She fell to the ground on top of her beloved. “Let this pair be a reminder as to exactly why this town belongs to the Eggman Empire. OHOHOHOHOHO! Oh, and a little something else…” Eggman and Metal flew back up, and several bombs dropped around the town, sending it into chaos. The mayor collapsed to his knees, sorrowful with what had happened.
As Eggman flew back up into his ship, he saw Orbot at the computer. “Status report.” He demanded.
“Congratulations, sir. With this conquest, you have successfully taken over 76% of the world.” Orbot replied. “The Egg Bosses are doing their jobs as well.”
“Good.” Eggman stated. “By the way, how is Project: Infinite coming?”
“99% complete.” Orbot replied.
“Why isn’t it done?” Eggman asked.
“You gave specific orders that you wanted to be there for completion.”
“Ah, right. I did.”

Knuckles opened his eyes, looking around. He had heard something. Tikal? She hadn’t been very active recently – was something up? Knuckles looked back at the Master Emerald, and saw Tikal standing in front of it. Chaos was slightly stirring in the waters around the Emerald as well.
“Tikal? What is it?” Knuckles asked, walking over.
“There’s something you should see.” Tikal responded, letting him past. “The Master Emerald will show you.”
When Knuckles looked at the Emerald, he saw something truly shocking. Multiple places across the world, all under attack from the Eggman Empire.
“The doctor’s making a big play…” Knuckles said, making a fist.
“More than just a big play.” Tikal replied. “He’s making a gambit to take over the world.”
“Then we have to stop him.”
Knuckles and Tikal both looked back, the voice speaking belonging to neither of them. Instead, Shade the Echidna walked forwards, wearing the outfit that Knuckles had gotten her a while back.
“Shade.” Knuckles said with a smile. He and Shade had become good friends – he even trusted her enough to guard the Master Emerald when he went off on missions. “I assume you just heard that?”
“I’ve spent the majority of my life learning to eavesdrop and sneak around. It wasn’t hard.” Shade said with a smile, walking up. “Eggman’s tried before, but he’s never been able to take over the world. I’m assuming what you’re seeing means he’s succeeding, so there has to be something we’re missing. And in that case, Sonic alone won’t be able to stop him.”
“That’s true.” Tikal said. “I sense a powerful force within the heart of Metropolis. What it is, I have no idea…”
“Then we’ll need to gather an army to stop them!” Shade replied. “Knuckles, you can make use of your connections. Tikal, you can do your spirit things. And Chaos can get the superstitious to join using warnings and stuff by doing god things.”
“And what about you and the Master Emerald?” Knuckles asked. “It’s not that easy to just raise an army, you know!”
“What do you know about leading armies?”
“…well, uh, nothing…”
“And I’ve led the entirety of the Nocturnus Clan before. Point proven.” Shade replied. “I’ll take a warp ring and try to get GUN on our side before I begin raising people directly. The Chaotix and GUN should be able to help with that.”
“Major problem. The Master Emerald would be unguarded.” Knuckles said. “We can’t just leave it.”
“Then get Chaos to guard it. He’s a freaking water god. It’s good enough.” Shade said, pulling out a warp ring. She froze, seeing Knuckles’ obvious displeasure with the idea. “Look. I need you to get Sonic and his folks on board, and I need to be handling the diplomatic conferences personally. If we don’t get this done soon, Eggman will incredibly likely win. So either trust Chaos – and me – or let Eggman do what he wishes. Besides, if it really does get in danger we can just hop right back here with the warp rings.”
“…alright.” Knuckles sighed, taking out a warp ring of his own. “I’m off to Tails’ workshop.” Knuckles jumped through the portal, and Shade jumped through her own, leaving Tikal and Chaos alone with the Master Emerald.
“I have a bad feeling about this…” Tikal said before flying away to aid with the recruiting effort. Chaos then formed on top of the Master Emerald, standing vigilantly.

The wolf walked into the base made in Launch Base Zone, readjusting the mask on his head. He had come all the way from Artika for this… a chance to fight, a chance to help someone. So he was going to do exactly that. Walking in, he saw Shade, the army’s commander, talking with Sally Acorn, Miles Prower, Knuckles the Echidna and Vector the Crocodile. They were discussing strategy. Upon realizing this, the wolf stopped and began to leave.
“You, there! Where are you going?” Shade said, causing the wolf to stop in his tracks. “I’d like you to come over here for a moment. I’d like an unbiased opinion for this.” The wolf nodded, walking over. “What’s your name, soldier?”
“Private Fenrir, sir.” Fenrir said, readjusting his helmet. “So, uh, what exactly do you need me for again?”
“We’re discussing battle strategy.” Sally replied. “We’re currently debating whether it’d be wiser to attack Westopolis from above and below but a single direction or wait to attack the city from more sides. It’d take more time to deploy the troops around the city and spread ourselves a bit thinner, but it’d have a much higher chance of success and would take less time to recapture.”
“So you want my opinion?” Fenrir asked. The others nodded. “Well, Eggman wouldn’t want such a big city to be recaptured, so he’d likely have an eye on it. If we take too long to move our forces into position, then Eggman will be able to call his fleet over and bombard our troops. A quicker wave of an attack has a much higher chance of success, simply because we’ll have more time before Eggman gets there.”
“A wise decision.” Sally said, looking at Shade with a smug smirk.
“Then I suppose that is the best option.” Shade sighed. “We’re moving in an hour. Get the message to our forces both on the island and on the city borders.”
“Yes, sir!” Tails said with a salute, dashing off to get to the comms. Knuckles, Vector and Sally followed, each heading to their respective areas. Fenrir was about to head out as well when Shade gripped his shoulder.
“Mind coming with me?” Shade asked. Fenrir nodded – she was his superior, he couldn’t exactly say no. Shade smiled back, walking over to an adjacent room. Fenrir followed. As Fenrir entered, he saw seven different Wispons all on pillars, with a ton of extra ones in boxes behind each. Shade walked over to the Lightning Wispon and opened up on of the boxes, taking out a Lightning Wispon and holding it out. “You can use this, right?”
Fenrir nodded, happily accepting the gift.

In a GUN ship, Fenrir soared towards the city alongside some other troops. As he looked at his mask, he realized exactly what he had signed up for, and felt himself fill with doubt. “Can I do this…?” he asked.
“Of course you can!”
Fenrir looked up, seeing Sonic the Hedgehog seated directly across from him. “Whoa!” Fenrir said with shock. He had been so caught up in his own thoughts he had never seen Sonic enter the ship. “Y-you’re…”
“Sonic the Hedgehog, I know.” Sonic said with a smile. “Now listen. This is gonna be a tough battle, but I know we’re gonna win! For one, you’ve got me. The fastest thing alive and hero of Mobius! Seriously, do you know just how many times I’ve beaten Eggman before? For two, this armada is a collection of some of the world’s greatest heroes! Many of which have taken on Eggman before themselves! For three, the only ones guarding this city are a bunch of robots! All in all, we got this in the bag! So no need to worry!”
“Heh… you’re totally right.” Fenrir said with a laugh.
“Attention, troops! We are go in t-minus one minute!” Shade said, coming over the radio. “Let’s do this!”
“Guess that’s our cue.” Sonic said with a smile. Fenrir put his mask back on and picked up his Wispon as the other troops readied their guns.
“Mission is go! I repeat, mission is go!” Shade said as the ship landed, and the door opened. Sonic dashed out as Fenrir and the troops charged at the enemy robots. Fenrir ran up with his Wispon, activating it. Shade had briefly explained it to him, so he swung it like a whip and it tore through a stream of Egg Pawns. He then noticed some more Egg Pawns were taking aim at him, and just before they fired he used the Wispon’s secondary function to pull him towards the nearest magnetic surface – as it turned out, a robot that had been about to shoot a fellow soldier. With a smile, Fenrir ran off to aid the others.

Orbot came rolling in as Infinite was practicing under Eggman’s supervision. “Uh, boss…” he began to say.
“Is it vital, Orbot?! I’m in the middle of something!” Eggman said.
“Yes.” Orbot replied. “It appears an army is attacking Westopolis.”
“An ARMY?!” Eggman shouted, shocked. “Confirmed sightings, stat!”
“Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, E-123 Omega, Sally Acorn, Rotor Walrus, Miles “Tails” Prower, Espio the Chamelion, and Sonic the Hedgehog as well as many others.”
“SEND THE EGG FLEET! AT ONCE!” Eggman demanded.
“No need, Doctor.” Infinite replied with a smile, floating up. “I can handle this on my own.”
“Ohoho! Of course you can.” Eggman smirked. “Go crush this pathetic “Resistance”!”
Infinite nodded before flying off.

Infinite was flying over the city in a matter of seconds. Regarding the area, he noticed that the rebels were winning. In fact, they were gaining a lot of ground. It was time to change that. Infinite snapped his fingers, and several laser beams were fired down at the city, creating chaos among the troops. Infinite then noticed Sonic running towards his direction. So he guessed who the threat here was. Infinite floated down to the top of a building, Sonic meeting him directly across from him on the same building. “So… you must be Sonic the Hedgehog.” Infinite said.
“And you must be the jerk that fired those lasers at my friends.” Sonic said.
“Indeed I am.” Infinite responded. “I am Doctor Eggman’s greatest living weapon, on a scale far beyond any of the Egg Bosses, Eggman’s robots…. Or even the Ultimate Lifeform himself. Which means you stand no chance against me.”
“Hah! Do you know how many Eggman bots I’ve taken down?!” Sonic said with a smile, dashing right for Infinite.
Infinite quickly flew out of the way at incredible speeds, almost as if he was teleporting. “I am far from one of Eggman’s machines, as you will soon learn.” Infinite then roundhouse-kicked Sonic in the back with enough force to send him flying across the city.

Sonic landed harshly on the ground, gripping the firm earth with his shoes. He skidded for a bit, before dashing straight towards the masked man coming straight for him. Sonic and Infinite collided, Sonic getting pushed back. Sonic then cracked a smile and blitzed away, moving so fast that Infinite couldn’t track him. Infinite was then hit a few times before he created an energy field around himself that repelled Sonic. Sonic then rolled into a spin dash and flew back at the shield, managing to push Infinite back a bit. Infinite then created multiple lasers, which Sonic dodged. Sonic then tried to attack Infinite from the back, which failed as Infinite moved out of the way. He then fired off another laser, this one hitting Sonic right in the chest. Sonic then boosted off, moving at supersonic speeds. Infinite decided to counter by matching his speeds, both battling all over the city and around it in seconds. In the end, the two ended up clashing back where the battle had begun, Infinite’s flying boost going straight into Sonic’s headfirst charge.
“Y’know, you’re pretty tough!” Sonic said with a chuckle. “But I’ve handled much stronger foes than you!”
“I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE.” Infinite said darkly, his red eye flashing. Infinite charged ahead, sending Sonic recoiling back into the city. Infinite then began to increase his size to epic proportions.

Within the city, Fenrir saw the giant Infinite. He also heard a voice on the radio. “We’re not equipped to handle something like that! All troops, bail!” Shade shouted over the speakers, and Fenrir followed the troops in their mad dash to escape from city premises.

Sonic got up, looking at the giant Infinite. “Whoa…” he said.

“YOU WANT STRENGTH?! I’LL SHOW YOU STRENGTH!” Infinite shouted back at Sonic, reaching for Angel Island floating behind him.

Shade gasped as she saw the giant hand reaching towards the island. Chaos and Tikal nodded to each other before Chaos jumped off of the island, falling to the ground below. Tikal flew over to Shade.
“Your warp ring! Get off of the island now!” she said, pushing Shade to use her ring. Shade did so, warping to the ground below.

Infinite gripped onto the island behind him, lifting it above his head before sending it all crashing down straight towards Westopolis.

Within the city premises, Fenrir was aiding with the emergency evacuation, loading a bunch of people onto one of the ships. Suddenly, the island was coming straight for the city. Fenrir closed the door and shouted at the pilot to take off. The ship took flight just as the island crashed into the city, destroying most of it. A giant cloud of dust erupted from the destruction, causing the ship to wobble a bit. Fenrir knew – he KNEW there had been casualties. How wouldn’t there be, with an entire island being thrown on top of a city.

Sonic had just barely managed to run out of the city when the island had crashed, and now he was running up the side of Angel Island’s rocky face. Arriving at the edge of the island – now the top – he looked at the now-shrinking Infinite. “ARE YOU INSANE?! You just threw a freaking island into a city! Do you KNOW how many people you just KILLED?!”
“It only matters to me if you are one of them.” Infinite said creepily.
Sonic growled, jumping straight towards Infinite with a burning fury. He threw his foot out in a powerful kick.
Infinite merely flew out of the way. “Game over, Sonic.” Infinite gripped Sonic’s leg and spun him around before throwing him straight down, sending him flying into a pond.

Shade jumped out of the warp ring just in time to see Sonic crash straight into the water. “NO!” she exclaimed. She knew Sonic couldn’t swim, so being in the water was the most dangerous place for him right now. She then heard the others coming over, many aiming their guns upwards. She then saw why – that MONSTER was floating above the water.

Infinite saw Sonic sinking down deeper and deeper. He knew if he left him here, he’d be dead… Infinite wanted to be sure. Summoning a giant ball of energy, he concentrated it into a massive laser and fired it straight at the pond.

Shade covered her eyes as the massive laser blasted the water. When she opened them again, all she saw was steam where the pond had been. Steam… and within, a glowing red eye. Infinite.
All of a sudden, Infinite teleported right in front of her. She flinched.
“See what has come from opposing the Eggman Empire. Your little blue savior is no more.” Infinite said, sweeping his hand to clear the steam in a powerful motion. All that was left of the pond was a crater. From the corner of her vision, Shade saw Tails fall to his knees and begin to weep. Amy ran to Knuckles for support and began to cry. Shadow looked away, fist clenched. “I could crush your resistance now, with your spirits broken and your hero fallen. But I shall give you all time to mourn. Time to weep for those who were still inside the city and the hedgehog. You shall all fall in just six months, after all.” Infinite said, beginning to fly away. “Let this be a lesson to you all… join the Eggman Empire, or die.” Infinite then soared away, back to Metropolis.
Shade pounded the ground, sorrowful. “This was a complete failure… Who the hell was that?!” she shouted.
“…commander.” Someone said. Shade turned to face them. It was Fenrir. “This was a fight we couldn’t win. We have no idea how to beat that thing. But we do know it’s out there now. We’ve gained knowledge. And we still live on to fight another day. Sonic wouldn’t want us to give up. We can’t let him down.”
“…you’re right.” Shade said, standing up. “Sonic laid down his life this day to keep the rebellion alive. He wouldn’t want us to just fold and give in without him. Infinite has done something that the Eggman Empire will forever regret – giving us a martyr. Sonic symbolizes our cause and what it means. In the memory of Sonic the Hedgehog, the world’s greatest hero, we will fight on to gain every damn inch we can from the Empire! We WILL take back our world!”

Tikal landed in a cave underneath Westopolis. Chaos saw her arrive, and was happy. Chaos then rose from the small pool at the end of the cave, and Tikal smiled.
“Chaos. Do you have him?” she asked. Chaos nodded and stepped back to reveal Sonic floating on the surface of the water. Chaos lifted him out, putting him down on the rock. Tikal then attempted to sense his life energy. “He’s alive, but very weak and comatose. I don’t know when he’ll awaken…” she said. “But for now, we can keep him safe and alive. And when he awakens, Chaos…”

“We’ll help Sonic save the world.”

This is a special mini-story I've had planned for a while, and is my retelling of the Sonic Forces prologue how I think it should have gone. Now this is by no means the official prologue to Sonic Forces, just my version. I also included a few characters not normally in the game, and just to clarify Fenrir is NOT the Avatar from the games. He's merely a soldier that came before. Find out more about him and the activity of Shade's Resistance later!
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