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Sonic Summer camp Work: Sonic 2 1992 Death Egg Zone

by Ristopher

Ristopher #summercamp15 This is the Sonic 2 Final Boss story
Sonic has defeated Robotnik in Wing Fortress Zone he grabs on for dear life as he hangs onto Robotniks ship to his Deadly Base: Death Egg Zone!

Sonic: Oh crap this is insane
Sonic says that while hanging to a small ship flying over 3,000 feet in the sky!
Dr.Robotnik: This is hopeless I'll have to put Plan S into action!
Meanwhile Tails is fixing the tornado at Emerald Hill Zone
Tails: You got this Sonic! I'll fix the Tornado and rescue you when you kick Robotniks butt!
After 10 minutes of flying they reached space and The Death Egg Zone
Sonic: Why does this remind me of the Death Star?
The ship landed inside and into Sonic's horror there were millions of Badnicks ready to invade West Island!
Sonic: Crap
Dr.Robotnik: Oh Sonic one touch of this button and the Badniks are on!
Sonic then rushed to the main platform where Robotnik is
Sonic: Robotnik when are you gonna stop hiding?
Sonic ran to find himself in a trap
Just then a giant metal version of Sonic came floating down!
Sonic looked pretty disgusted
Sonic: Hey your got the nose wrong and I don't look that chubby!
Dr. Robotnik: Idiot, Silver Sonic attack!
Silver Sonic then rushed at Sonic at high speed
Sonic: Well at least you got the speed right
Sonic realized the attack pattern of Silver Sonic and gave an attack
Sonic: Take this robot me!
That seemed to work on Silver Sonic! After 7 hits he finally gave out
Dr.Robotnik: Who needs that piece if junk anyway I have Plan R
Sonic saw Robotnik running to a secret lab
Sonic: Grhh How is he faster than me?!
Dr.Robotnik has jumped into a pod and then what rose was gigantic!
It was a giant metal Robotnik robot!
Sonic: Mother of Chaos
Dr.Robotnik: Your toast rat!
That robot wasnt slow either, it can throw punches at high speed
Sonic: Holy Crap and 0 rings ya cheater!
After 12 hits the robot started to self destruct!
Dr.Robotnik: See Ya loser jokes on you!
Sonic: Well this is dumb....RUN ITS GONNA EXPLODE!
Sonic ran as fast as he can to the exit and when he found it all he can do was jump!
Sonic: Aaahhhhh
But just then Tails appears with the tornado rescuing Sonic
Sonic: Thanks buddy!
Sonic and Tails then watched the Death Egg fall from the sky...
West Island is safe now
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  1. MarioVector
    Sonic 2 is hard to beat
    Aug 18, 2015
  2. Deslo
    Nice Story
    Aug 18, 2015