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Solstice from the Project P

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest See? It's Solstice!

Her name was Ashen before some scientists--including her own father-- turned her into a pokemon for an experiment. The collar she wears says S-16. Currently Solstice and the other pokemon dont know what they stand for.

  1. EspeonTheBest
    Thank you! I appreciate it!

    I'm a tad disappointed In the coloring, I find it's more pink than I like. I suppose this is where the different coloring comes in! :)
    Oct 25, 2015
    Excalibur Queen likes this.
  2. _Umbreon_
    I like how you shadow it's so great! I have a really cool technique that I use as well!
    Oct 25, 2015