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OC doodles/drawings: Sol

by NightRaven

NightRaven Finally, I actually added color to one of my drawings for once! The main reason things like this wont happen often; whenever you add a large amount of color (or even a small amount) the whole thing lags and everything just looks awkward and block-ish. I had created a new OC: Sol.

Sol- Sol is a white tom with black blotches and amber eyes. Being named for his once bright attitude and amber eyes, he was born in a group far from the main forest Clans, but in a thick forest where countless groups live; they weren't Clans, however, and were far more violent like the very begining—killing others for just a scrap of prey or unused fox burrow. He lived with his mother and thought that he didn't have any siblings. He often found his mother, Lily, whispering to herself about their father, Blaze, who was long dead. When he was about eight moons old, his mother was murdered by a black tom with a white chest marking and icy blue eyes; Hawkstrike.
Sol tried to learn how to survive on his own, and when he was about 16 moons old, he discovered that his whole life had been a lie; he, in fact, did have siblings, but one was born dead while the other was murdered by Hawkstrike; his father died in battle with Hawkstrike; and his mother was murdered by the very same cat. Learning the truth was hard for Sol, and so, he swore vengeance. Not very long after, he had hid in a bush with his enemy nearby. Soon, he struck, murdering Hawkstrike with a slash to the throat. Unfortunately, another cat, Sparkfire, was close and yowled a warning to their group leader, Darkstar, but, before he could get to the black cat, Sol attacked and killed him off as well.
The cats of his group heard Sparkfire and a few went to investigate. Sol dragged the dead bodies away and hid them under ground after covering them with fox dung. The cats seemed confused as to what happened. Sol strangely enjoyed the feeling of blood on his paws, and soon grew to be insane. Killing each cat, one by one, even his mate from the enemy group, he finally narrowed it down to the leader.
His group decided to wander until coming across Darkstar's body with an x-shaped scar on his throat that still bled. Sol, hungry for even more blood, decided to turn against his own group, only killing about three before being forced out. He then targeted a specific thin black she-cat...
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