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Pokemon Variants: Snivy Variants! Read Descriptions

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe Lily Snivy Description-The Lily Snivy is hardly ever seen in the wild. This is because most Lily Snivys are bred for Pokemon Contests. If a female Lily Snivy lives in the wild, male Snivys will fight over her with intense battles.

Legless Snivy Description- The legless Snivy is only born if there is a genetic mutation,this mutation cause the Snivy to be born without legs. When the Legless Snivy evolves into Servine, The servine will also be legless.

Maple Snivy Description- This type of Snivy only mates in the autumn. They make nests out of fallen leaves. When winter comes,they live in hollow logs and caves.
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