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Pokemon: Beyond KANTO--Mystery of Celadon City: Sneak Preview from Mystery of Celadon City!

by diamondonix718

diamondonix718 Sneak Preview 1!
“And why shouldn’t you become a valuable member of my team?” Giovanni continued as if I’d never spoken. “You’d only be following in your parents’ footsteps.”

“My parents?” I whispered hoarsely.

“Oh? Didn’t your Papa tell you? Dr. James Roberts and Dr. Anya Roberts were two of my top scientists. I relied on their contribution for all my most important projects, including the creation of Mewtwo. They were simply brilliant. There was no one else who could match their ingenuity. Unfortunately, as most young couples do, they had a child.”

I gulped. He’s talking about me, isn’t he? I thought.

“Their first mistake,” Giovanni continued. “You see, when sweet, precious, dear, little Annie Roberts was born, the Roberts’ scientific work began to take a backseat to parenting. Dr. Anya Roberts was the worse offender. ‘Oh, I can’t possibly come to work today, Boss Giovanni. Dear little Annie needs her mama,’ she would say. And so it continued. More and more time for little Annie, less and less time for Team Rocket. Finally, one day, I got matching resignation letters from the Doctors Roberts. Their second mistake. They both decided to leave Team Rocket so they could raise their daughter in ‘a more preferable environment.’ You can imagine how devastated I was to lose two of my best researchers. I begged, groveled even, for them to return. But their Rhydon-like stubbornness won out.”

This is ridiculous, I tried to convince myself. There’s no way what he’s telling you is true. Not one bit.

“Finally, I resorted to warnings. I told them they would regret the day they abandoned Team Rocket. They didn’t heed, of course. Their most grievous mistake yet. Yes, unfortunately, one day Dr. Anya Roberts met a tragic end. Lost at sea while studying Lapras in their natural habitat.”

He’s not kidding, I realized with sudden dread and terror. “That was no accident!” I screamed. “How could you?!?!”

“Hmm. So you are smart,” Giovanni chuckled. “Yes. I had my revenge on the treacherous Doctors Roberts. Too bad the surviving Dr. Roberts didn’t learn his lesson, though. He went into hiding, taking his tiny daughter with him, and devoted his life afterward to the study of the then-elusive Diamond Onix.”

I sucked in a shaky breath, too angry to speak. It all made sense now. Papa had never told me much about my mother or anything about his life before I was born. Now I knew why. I glared at Giovanni. “Why are you telling me this?” My words came out flat and low.

“So you would see that you have a past with Team Rocket and a future as well,” Giovanni answered. “You’ve certainly proved that you share your parents’ scientific mind. How would you like to join my elite team of researchers?”

“I wouldn’t,” I muttered.

“With your vast knowledge of Pokemon and your special ability to use their powers, you could become a valuable member of my organization. I could even make you my second-in-command.”

Evan shrieked. “But I thought I--”

“Never!” I cried. “I could never join an organization that uses Pokemon for selfish purposes!”

“You were born into Team Rocket. You must accept your destiny. Don't make the mistake your parents did. Embrace who you are now and are meant to be.”
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  1. diamondonix718
    Feb 3, 2020
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  2. RenzFlintrock
    Oh... wow... big reveal! Very cool, but I kinda wish I had not seen it until that part of the story...
    Feb 2, 2020
  3. diamondonix718
    @RenzFlintrock Here you are! This will be nearish the end of the book. :)
    Feb 2, 2020
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