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My OCs: Smol Eeveelution OCs

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart I got bored, and decided: "Hey, let's draw some of my Eeveelution OCs in my Smol art style!" It's not all of my Eeveelution OCs, since I got lazy, though I did include some of my lesser used Eeveelution characters. I might do a part 2 later on, featuring some of the ones I missed. I was gonna add Ralph, then decided not to, since I've already drawn him in my Smol art style. A few of the ones missing besides Ralph include: Autumn the Leafeon, Randy the Flareon, Garth the Leafeon, Joanna the Sylveon, Chip the Jolteon, Bella the Espeon/Sylveon fusion, Sapphire the Espeon, and Ruby the Umbreon.

The OCs featured:
Twilight the Umbreon (Adopted from @qlovers, with a few small changes to her design by me)
Mist the Vaporeon
Finn the Vaporeon
Mallory the Espeon
Mystic the Duskeon (Umbreon/Flareon fusion, adopted from KingGhast on Pokefarm Q)
Sierra the Flareon (Adopted from L0KI on Pokefarm Q)
Oreo the Eevee
Trix the Zorvee (Zorua/Eevee fusion, adopted from @qlovers )
Starshine the Umbreon
Lynn the Jolteon (Adopted from @Ariados twice )

Feel free to ask questions about some of them :p
  1. Peppo_Games
    I Liked So Much The Umbreon/Flareon fusion!!! :DD
    Nov 5, 2020
    Midnight Heart likes this.