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Small Beginnings, prolouge + chapter 1

by GriffonAlkubHermione

GriffonAlkubHermione A few wolves get exiled and meet up...

Cat’s Heart’s heart sank. Today would be her choice: have pups, or be exiled! Now she was facing the challenge!

“Pack mates, we have gathered here to witness a young wolf’s decision,” the leader, Moon Spots, was mad, “She doesn't follow the tradition of finding a mate, Cat’s Heart please state your decision: pups or exile?”

“........Exile,” Cat’s Heart’s voice was wavey, she didn’t want to leave, but she had to.

“Than leave, if we see you anywhere in the territory in one day than we shall chase you out.”

“Fine! White Stripe, coming?”White Stripe was her brother, and he always supported Cat’s Heart.

“Alright, I’ll go with you!”

“Then let’s go!”

“Yeah, if they don’t want you around they don’t want me either!”

“Wait!” Moon Spots wanted White Stripe, and had hoped to keep her while exiling Cat’s Heart. She liked White Stripe, and had hoped to ask him to be her new mate.

The two she-wolves ignored Moon Spots and walked into the distance.

Stag’s Antler brought his kill back into camp. It was a young buck, and he had brought it down on his own.

“Did you catch that, or find it?” the leader, Spotted Back, was angry! 1

“Yes I did, I caught it!” What was wrong with that?! “That isn’t supposed to happen! Get away from my Pack!!!” Spotted Back snarled, he really was mad! “Oh, come on! I’m just…..” “GET OUT!!!” “FINE!!! If you don’t want me here trying to feed the pack then I will leave!”


“OH NO no explanations! You told me to leave so I will! I’m not staying here to be yelled at for trying to feed my pack!”

Cloud’s Eye tried to think positive, but she just couldn’t bring herself to. She was having her final trial, as was the way in her pack. The only problem was that she and her sister liked the light! They were expected to spend their lives underground after this, unless they had pups. And they did not want to have pups.

“Cloud’s Eye and Blue Fang, please make your way to the tunnels, you’re late!” That was Brown Tail, the leader, “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“We didn’t know, we were spending one last day out in the sunlight, we actually like it!” Blue Fang wanted to tell the truth out in the sun, “We’ll be right there”

“Alright, but if you don’t show up... Well you know what happened to the last wolf who didn’t show up.” Brown Tail walked away. “You know what we have to do, right?” Blue Fang sounded worried.

“No, what?” Cloud’s Eye didn’t have a clue.

“We have to run away! We have to stay in the sun, and we can’t get caught!” Badger Fang often had good ideas, but this one? Brilliant!

“Yes!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be perfect! We would be in the sun forever, and not have to have pups! You are the smartest wolf ever!” Cloud’s Eye was elated, this was the answer to all their problems!

So that moment they ran away.

Ocean Breeze wanted to go out to do a patrol, but he couldn’t because he had been confined to camp. He was supposedly wasting time, but he wasn’t, he just didn’t want any invasions! They were prone to sharks, but he was considered a waste of time

for patrolling! All he wanted was for his pack to be safe!


“Attention pack-mates! We are here to see if this young wolf is worthwhile,” Sea Turtle was loud! “He is wasting time that could be used for hunting patrolling,” this last one was said as a snarl and earned some laughs.

“I keep out the sharks!”

“Silence! You patrol every day and we have no other wolves to threaten us! The penalty for this in our pack is exile, and you know that. Now go and if you come back you will be chased off and if you stay you will be fatally wounded.”

“Fine, if you don’t want me I’ll leave, and I WON’T come back to this place, if you come crawling back to me as soon as I’ve left, don’t expect me to come back!”


Chapter 1

Cat's Heart looked around and thought about where White Stripe could be. He had gone out hunting for her, as she was sick. She needed the prey in order to live, and her supply was low. Eventually she managed to get up, looking around. Her ears were


pricked as she looked around and scented a marker. She followed the trail until she couldn’t walk anymore, then she collapsed. When a dark gray male wolf with green eyes came along, she was already drifting off, into the void. The stranger ended up leaving, just to come back with a large stag carcass! Cat’s Heart edged toward the carcass and started eating a leg off, all the while getting stronger. She looked into the stranger’s eyes and introduced herself when she had the energy,

“Hello, I’m Cat’s Heart. Thank you for giving me this stag, it helped me a lot, if you want I’ll get off your territory… I’m a lone wolf, exiled from my pack.” she whimpered, standing up again.

“I’m Stag’s Antler, and you were in pain and needed it more than I did. I’m also a lone wolf, I could use some company so stay for a bit.” he yipped.

This was certainly a generous wolf, especially for a lone one, Cat’s Heart wanted to believe him, after all he had given her the stag, but she just couldn’t.

“Well, have you seen my brother? He’s a light gray wolf with blue eyes, kind of like me except without the green eyes and the black markings. I really miss him…”

“I will do my best to find him, but can’t promise anything.”

Cat’s Heart snorted, she didn’t believe this stranger, she had a hard time trusting strangers.

However, when, a couple hours later, just before moonrise, Stag’s Antler started to howl, she started to trust in him. She saw how majestic he was with his head silhouetted near the moon. His howl was like moonlight. She wished she could show her brother.

“White Fang, isn’t... oh yeah.” the sadness in her voice creeped out, she was lonely without her brother.

Cat's Heart then heard the hunting howl of old, which was used to signal prey had been caught. She realized that her brother was calling. Howling was hard at the moment, but she had to. She howled to him where she was. Hopefully he would find her soon.

Soon there was an answering call. Her brother would come. As soon as she could she collected moss and a pelt, elk nice and warm, for a nest. She would sleep here today and return to her territory the next day. However the dark gray male was welcome anytime he wanted to visit them.