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SLF Works!: SLF Work: Home Alone

by SuperLuigiFan12

SuperLuigiFan12 Blake the Riolu is left home alone and sick, and robbers come into the house!
The TV is on in Blake's Room.

Girl: Ok, John! I've had ENOUGH of you! I'm moving with MY Daughter!

John: No, Baby! You Still have to wax my Amazing 4-Pack!

Girl: I am Moving!

John beats the Girl up.


Blake: No, John! You don't have to go to Jail! She's NOT worth it! (cough, cough.)

Meanwhile, Blake's Dad, Noah is watching his favorite show,

Eevee & Friends
©2010 Enterprise of America Studios Inc.

Eevee: Hi, guys! I'm Eevee. -cheers-

Eevee: And today, I'm gonna order McDonald's!

Eevee: But, How am I gonna ORDER McDonald's? Hmm....Hey! I've got it!

Eevee pours a Bucket of Ekans on his head, and gets poisoned.

Noah: HO HO HO! Ahh, Eevee! Why did you put a Bucket of EKANS over your head!? XD! It's SOOOOO Funny!

Then, a commercial comes on about a Monster Truck Rally. Bring 2 people, and it's 95% off!

Noah: A Monster Truck Rally!? This is good...I should bring Chef Jonah.

Chef Jonah is a Hitmonchan.

Chef Jonah: Under the sea...Under the Sea....! Boiled in water and grilled so perfectly!


Chef Jonah: What the hell do you want!?

Noah: We're going to a Monster Truck Rally!

Chef Jonah: Oh boy! Wait, is that Bastard Blake coming?

Noah: He's sick, dumb@$$!

Chef Jonah: Well, that's fine with me! But, doesn't he need a babysitter?

Noah: He's 11! He can watch himself.

Chef Jonah: Ok, let's get the hell outta here, then.

Meanwhile, Blake is still sick, and realizes that Chef Jonah and his Dad has left the house. But, there are 3 Robbers outside! A Weavile, Sneasel, and an Umbreon!

Weavile: Ok, so we're gonna rob THAT house right there.

Sneasel: So, what's the plan, Umbre?

Umbre: Weav, you check the 1st Floor, Sneas, checks 2nd, and I check top, got it?

Sneas: Wait, where do I check again? And when are we gonna steal the good stuff?

Umbre: I should've never brung you bastards to rob houses.

Umbre: Sneas, you CHECK the 2nd Floor, @$$hole, DAMN!

Sneas: Ok, Umb.

Meanwhile in Blake's House

Blake: Darn it, Dad and Chef Jonah! You left me here, all alone and sick! I STILL have a iPhone 5, darnit!

Blake: Ok, I put this bowling ball on top of the door, so that way, when the Babysitter comes, he'll get hurt on the Head! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Umbre, Sneas, and Weav busts into the House, and Weav gets hit with the Bowling Ball, and is knocked out, not breathing 0_0

Umbre: HOLY HELL! WHY!? What kind of BASTARD would put a Deadly Bowling Ball on TOP of their DOOR?!

Sneas: This guy...he's a murderer. We should check the 2nd Floor...

Umbre: WHAT are you, HIGH?!! This WHOLE place is probably Booby-trapped!

Sneas: We STILL need to Rob the place!

Umbre & Sneas checks the 2nd Floor, and sees Cheez-Its on the floor. They decide to follow the trail.

Sneas: Oooh, Cheez-Its!

Umbre: Ok, Sneas. Who in the name of Giratina would put CHEEZ-ITS on the Floor!?

Sneas: Oooh! A Gold Watch!

Umbre: Ok, that's obviously a trap. Who would put a Gold Watch in an Oven?

Sneas: I'm going for it, anyway!

Sneas goes in there, and burns to Death. Blake closes the Oven Door (I guess?)

Blake: HA! He'll burn to DEATH!

Umbre: Ohh....so, YOU'RE the one who literally MURDERED 2 of my Friends, not only THAT, but the ONLY ONE HERE?

Blake: Well, yes I am, Stupid Umbreon with a DAMN Ring around your eye! Look like a Poptart with a circle now, huh?



Umbre: That's it, you son of a Bitch, I'm killing you!


Blake starts to run, and locks himself in his Room. He puts an Electric Cord thingie on the Doorknob, and Umbre touches the doorknob, and gets electricuted, and he passes out. Blake ties him up, and calls his Pet, Herdier, named Parapa, and turns the lights off but 1.

Umbre: Uhh....what happened...?

Blake: Wake up, crackhead.

Umbre: HUH!? The Hell!?

Blake: You're gonna die, today.

Umbre: Umm...no...?

Blake: YES YOU ARE! Blake pulls out a SILVER MAGNUM! It turns out to be a BB Gun, that LOOKS like a Silver Magnum.

Blake: You know what kind of Gun this is?

Umbre: Umm...I don't know...a Popgun?



Blake: Found it on the streets. Also, I called the PoPo.

Umbre: I'm 100% pressing charges.

The Police, Noah, and Chef Jonah comes into the House.

Officer Drumman: Well, this IS a Criminal.

Noah: Blake, what happened!?

Chef Jonah: Yeah, what the crud happened!?

Blake: Well, these guys were trying to rob the place, but I killed off 2 of them! I think the 2nd one is still alive, though.

Officer Drumman puts handcuffs on Umbre, and leaves off.

Noah: Well, Blake. You don't LOOK sick....

Blake: Actually, I feel better! I'm NOT sick anymore! YAY! :)

QOTD: What do you do when YOU'RE Home Alone?

  1. Stelluna
    XD that Eevee tho lol
    Jan 11, 2016