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by Uniplantiso

Uniplantiso wooloo makes a nice pillow
  1. =Nightshade=
    Wooloo, Alola Form—the Pillow Pokémon

    The only difference between this Wooloo and its Galarian counterpart is that this one allows smaller creatures to sleep on it. Quite convenient for Alola’s temperate climate! XD
    May 21, 2020
  2. Uniplantiso
    @Gamingfan People on Discord have said the same thing, it might as well be fluffy scorbunny lol
    May 20, 2020
    Gamingfan likes this.
  3. Gamingfan
    So...at a distance I thought it was just a fat, fluffy scorbunny.

    Now I'm just disappointed. (Jk)
    May 18, 2020
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