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by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme The backstory for my Charms RP character :p cool story :)
Luis walked out of his door, taking a deep breath of fresh night air. He loved the suburbs-where you could go out at night without fear of crime.

“Luis! have you seen the sky tonight?” three girls and a dude (the latter party wearing pajamas) walked towards him. Luis looked up into the sky-wow.

“Never actually seen a meteor shower-but I guess it was bound to happen,” Luis looked over to the speaker, his friend Dustin. He smiled at how oblivious Dustin was to how he looked-Dustin had always had that kind of childish innocence that other people liked.

“Look at that one!” one of the girls yelled. Luis looked up at the sky-this one was huge. And it seemed to be heading a different way than the rest . . . directly towards Luis, in fact. Closer, and closer, until it seemed to be-

“HOLY -” Kayla was cut off by Luis’ cry as a meteorite the size of a baseball slammed into his stomach. A flash of electric blue, and boy and meteor exploded into nothing.

Luis opened his eyes. There was nothing except black around him. And a deep black meteorite hovering in front of him, covered in holes. Coming out of each hole was a deep electric blue light.

“What-” a voice filled his ears, stunning him into silence.

Congratulations, Skyweaver. You have flashed The Return. Begin the Six . . .

A sound emanated from it, like the sound of a dying breath. Then the glow faded and Luis found himself holding the meteorite and lying five feet back from where he’d started, on the ground. He stood up to find he was wearing different clothes, a different shirt and all, and metal greaves and forearm armor--along with an odd breastplate that only covered the upper half. His exposed midriff was tanner than his normal self. He looked up--but he was alone. And the atmosphere had changed.

“How-” The he stopped speaking as a full-blown shield appeared, along with two daggers and dual handguns.

Luis tied the daggers onto his belt, then the daggers onto his thighs-odd places for gun holsters, he thought, but nothing to do about it.

Then he inspected the shield. the straps went in an X, but they were too big to put on one’s arm. So he decided just to carry it under his arm-until a thought occurred to him. He slung it over his back and made it so that the straps went across his chest in a perfectly fitted X.

“Well that explains my exposed midriff,” he mumbled to himself, and started running. Something was very, very wrong. He concentrated for a moment and found himself somewhere else-his world, the Gods’ realm. He smiled and laughed as a dragon came up to him and snuggled him and memories came flooding back into his head. He would fulfill his role as Skyweaver--although he did not quite know where or what world he would be called to.
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