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Sinnoh Wars Series 1: Sinnoh Wars-Prologue

by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? 6 years after Detective Darren Morrison was appointed chief of Sinnoh police and new threats arise after a while of minor cases.
Darren awoke in his office in Jubilife City. He couldn't believe that 6 years ago to the day, he was appointed by the famous detective Looker to take care of the police force in Sinnoh. Up until now, there hadn't been very exciting cases. The face of the very man who appointed Darren appeared on a large flat screen in front of the chief of police.

"Hi! Just checking up on you." Looker said.
"Hi." Darren replied, in a dull tone.
"Report on this year's crime?"
"I've told you many times... there is NO crime!" Darren shouted.
There was a rumble and then, all of a sudden, a group of police officers entered Darren's office. Two of Darren's closest assistants, Robert Samson and Amelia Layrre, were in the group.

"Sir! There's been a robbery!" Samson cried
"Not another one! Why can't you get rid of the robbers?!" Darren asked.
"Because...they're armed with Pokémon. This is serious!" Amelia cried.
Looker nodded and his conference call ended. Darren switched the TV to the news and saw the bank of Sinnoh on fire. It was in Jubilife, a few roads down.

"So... finally something interesting..." Then Darren saw the robbers and they looked like the typical kind-bulky but wimpy looking with cheap clothes.

Darren spat. "Are you sure it's worth going?!"

"Yes!" Yelled Samson.

"Never mind, I'll go with you two."

Darren marched with Samson and Amelia towards Jubilife bank. It was massive- with large parts of the building made out of stone being built hundreds of thousands ears ago. The roof seemed to made out of a flammable material because as soon as the trio saw the bank, there was a thick smoke and fire. A man was kneeling on the floor. He had thin brown hair and wrinkles.

"Help me!" The man cried.
"Don't sorry we're going to help you." Amelia said, touching his hand.
"What happened?" Samson asked.
"They came in and...they stole money but...they came in there wanting to kill people...not steal the fucking..."
The man seemed to speak in riddles to the two.

"What are you... going on about?" Samson asked.
"A new order...they attacked the bank...set it on fire yes but the main task wasn't to steal the money..."
Darren appeared out of the shadows.

"Mercury! Is it really you?" The man asked. Amelia and Samson looked at Darren.
"I recognise you. You're Pluto, the one member of Team Galactic who got away 6 years ago. Team Galactic are long gone...what are you doing here?!" Darren asked.

"Yes I am but Team Galactic are long gone now. I worked for the bank when this gang of criminals in flamboyant outfits-clown outfits I believe, attacked us and murdered all the people working there. I managed to escape."

Then, a large group of clowns ran out of the back end of the bank into a truck.
"There they are!" Samson cried.
"Get them!" Darren cried. Both Samson and Darren tried to run for the lorry but they realised that it was too late.

"Fuck you." Darren shouted to Samson and Pluto. Amelia was on the phone to the rest of the police force.

"Why did you just tell us when Samson asked?! Now you've wasted valuble police time. People have died here you know!" Darren Asked.

"Because." Pluto started. "I'm afraid of you. You will become like your heritage and the world shall-"

At that Pluto was dragged by a group of police officers all the way into Darren's office for questioning.
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  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?
    What Did You Do To Snoke?
    • Darren Morrisson changed his last name 5 years ago to 'Richards' or a similar name
    • Team: Drapion, Magmortar, Abomasnow, Empoleon, Staraptor
    • He's tough and can hold out on his own in a fight, but he isn't as muscular as a lot of the trained police officers.
    Mar 7, 2017